Farming Simulator 18 reviews

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Microsoft from Italian
Missing Some details x get to 5 ⭐ ️! More extensive fields; More choice of tractors and tools of known brands (John Deere First, then Bossini, Vaia, Tecnosima, etc...); Reviewing operation: Dumper with retractable body and steering trailers; Flashing lights on the road and work headlights in the fields; Using the front lift x mower, ballast or other; Possibility to detach all the front loader from the tractor; Close to the stable slurry tank and trench x waxed to pound and then give to the cows!! After it becomes the most beautiful and addictive game of all! 😉👍🏻
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Microsoft from French
I like the game since I also have it on my PC. Just one thing negative is that I bought it on my Android Tablet and that I just changed Tablet for an iPad and I phoned technical support to find out if it could transfer compared to the order number but the person told me that could not iscus Google and Apple do not agree together for this game. So in the end I paid for the game once on Android and there I am obliged to repay a second time to put on my iPad, so either 2x5,99€ = 11,98 €. Be careful if you don't want to be like me.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I can only give one Star!! I've played FS 2012 and FS 16 before. The Games themselves are very good, there are only fewer Vehicles and devices in FS 18 or The Choice has become very low. At GamePlay, I would like to see a closer Adjustment to LS 17, as the GamePlay from FS 16 to FS 18 has not changed at all. I would like to be able to walk through the Map as a Person and, for Example, to be able to cut down the Trees with a Chainsaw. Or to be able to enter the Machines as a Person. Or a View of the Vehicles from the inside. So a Change from FS 16 and the Purchase of the App would be justified! I give one More star as Giants Software GmbH strives to bring Updates. Unfortunately, I personally find that this App is far too thin of its Possibilities. There are other Games that are over 1GB in size to create a special Gaming Experience. And I still see great Potential at Giants Software GmbH. Anyone who plays LS 17 on the Computer can confirm this. There shouldn't be completely LS 17 for the Smartphone, of course, But significantly more Devices, vehicles, Chainsaws and a different View of the Player should be in it after all?! Hello, have You already updated the App with the latest Version? The Update adds three new, free Machines! In total, the Updates add five new Machines to the Game!