Farming Simulator 19 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So Friends, where do I start? My first Review ever, because it's LS19 the Game that has disappointed me the most so far, here comes why: The LS19 is the first Game in a long time that I had pre-ordered myself again. The Anticipation ernorm, rented a dedicated server at 4net Right in advance, all ready to get started with a few Friends right away. Up To this point great, so much Anticipation I rarely had! And from then on, it went downhill. (I don't play my Experiences exclusively with the MP, SP!) The Problems roughly staggered (exact Overviews are enough on the Internet): The Server: ... Crash from time to time (regardless of provider if you look around the Forums). Have Fun the last time You've tavered 2h ago. My Server now stores every 20min. Or your Game freezes and you are allowed to log in again. Not to mention that the Log Files throw errors permanently (and without Mods when starting a Game rank for the first Time). The Gameplay: Giants has taken Over some nice Settings from div. Mods. Playing with Steering Wheel doesn't go anyway, because he recognizes the steering Wheel as a Gamepad, the funny one here-if you move the mouse, he shows yourself the Mouse Occupancy, if you keep still, he switches back to the Gamepad. The only thing I get from Changing every second Is Headaches, so Steering Wheel off again ... The Graphics: Not bad-and that's what they would be. Anyone who rates something "beautiful" here hasn't bought any Games in the last three Years. I mean-it's better than LS17, no Question about IT. But much hasn't happened since and felt the Game still hangs several Years behind. (And please don't get to me here that every Player should be able to play with any cucumber PC-to regulate that there are Settings: Bad PC-graphic DOWN | good PC-graphic HIGH ... Unfortunately, it just doesn't work out, because even on max settings everything looks more Like Mau. As I said, not bad, but certainly not a Poster Child for the Game) Agriculture: ... For me, the only thing that works at all. Except you want to harvest a Field with a Rounder, because unfortunately the Cutting Plants hang too deep, so that you can't rain uphill at all or sometimes get stuck on a Floor wave. Otherwise nice Idea with the Wage Companies and Missions, I don't want to make everything bad;) Oh and please don't try to use the great Butterfly (Bale Collector for 2 Round Bales). After I load it, drive it away, flip it up and unload it, all the bales transported so far-as if by magic hand-move along when they fold again. A great Experience, then, to drive to the Farm, unload 2 Bales and take 5 Or so back with you ... Animals (Horses): ... A cute Idea. Unfortunately, it also sticks with it, because after each Game-related Crash, all Horses are gone and can no longer be found in the Savegame. I can insert them into the Savegame, but they are not animated or displayed. > Here the Fault may also lie with me, but honestly: Do I really have to tinker with my Savegames so that my Horses don't disappear again and again? < Forestry: ... Unfortunately, I did not experience any more. Full-harvested And Ponnsse Buffalo bought, driven off, Crash. Then restarted, logged in, driven off, arrived, crash. Then I was fed up. > FAZIT < I am and probably remain an LS fan. At the moment, however, the Game is absolutely not playable in the MP, at least not for me. Apparently Giants are trying to find a Solution for the Server crashes. Unfortunately, even then, you'll have a Game of mediocre Graphics and Tons of gameplay bugs. And then not even a single Hotfix for anything ... The Anticipation is gone and Disillusionment comes. > I wouldn't buy the Game in case you want to play in the MP, at least not until there were a few Patches or Hotfixes. < (And my Respect, if you've actually read so far-Hats off!)