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Fermi's Path

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In this action-loaded arcade game you play the role of Fermi, a particle on a terrific trip through subatomic space. Driven by the music you have to avoid obstacles and eliminate incoming particles on ever-accelerating levels to crack the top score!

After mastering each level you can play it in infinity mode to compete with your friends and the Steam Community in an open-end highscore. If you are not satisfied with navigating Fermi over the many preset tracks, use the integrated level editor to create entirely new challenges and share them in the Steam Workshop!

Key Features

  • many levels with increasing difficulty and speed
  • infinity-mode and Steam Leaderbord
  • Level editor with Steam Workshop integration
  • secret paths with special challenges and even more bonus points
  • various obstacles and hostile particles
  • many weapon upgrades
  • catchy electro soundtrack

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Release date
GameArt Studio GmbH
GameArt Studio GmbH
Age rating
0+ Everyone

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel or AMD 2.0-3.4 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 400 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Photonic Symmetry
Set a score of at least 1250 points in the level "Photonic Symmetry".
Phases Confinement
Set a score of at least 1600 points in the level "Phases Confinement".
Complete a level with maximum energy.
Casimir Effect
Complete a level without taking damage.
Quantum Leap
Jump as high as possible.
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PamdemoniumXOXO Plays Fermi's Path!
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Fermi's Path reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Fermi's Path a arcade game where you are a small subatomic particle that travels through the subatomic space. This game depends a lot on the reaction you have and your imagination because it has a level editor and you will be able to create unique challenges. The Music is very entertaining and quite vicious the game you will want to play it over and over again, dodging different obstacles and gathering points. When you finish A level you can play it again in endless mode to compete in a classification. Besides If playing this game is not enough you can use your imagination to create unique challenges and be able to share them in the steam workshop. The controls of the game are very simple just need to have a good reaction to the obstacles and keep pace with the music that helps you a lot. This Game is original, entertaining and in my opinion is pretty good would have to put a 10/10 I love this game, is quite difficult but the sounds and effects have I like a lot apart that the subject they use is very original a small particle Subatomic something that many recognize and the truth that if it looks like a particle. Crossing a space full of obstacles and as we progress the difficulty will become worse and you depend a lot on the reaction you have. POSITIVE + Good Music + simple Controls + very interesting Visual Effects + Difficulties + Workshop + infinite Mode + Ratings + NEGATIVE Achievements-For Now I did not find anything negative of the game maybe it would be good to have a competitive mode To play with another player. More analysis on my website [zonamagamex.blogspot.com.ar]
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
"There Are two possible endings; If The result confirms the hypothesis, You made a discovery. If The result is contrary to the hypothesis, You also made a discovery. 8.6/10 "In This game you take the role of Fermi (which surely takes its name from the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi), a particle through a journey through the subatomic world where you will have to have patience and very good reflexes. The gameplay is simple, you move automatically through a kind of rail while you have to go dodging objects and collecting rings. During The trip you will encounter other particles, particles that apparently do not like you because you will have to fight with them by fire small projectiles to eliminate them. As I said the movement inside the game is automatic, so all you have to do is dodge and jump in heaps of levels of difficulty ascending. However simple it may seem, Fermi's Path has fairly high requirements. What is noticeable at first sight by the spectacular visual style of the gala, with colorful designs and hundreds of particles in sight I do not find it strange to meet such requirements in a title of this quality. The Sound in Fermi's Path is everything, the races are based on the rhythm of the music so all your movements are perfectly synchronized with a soundtrack that does nothing but enchant in the ear. Once again I can say that there are not many games that manage to combine such levels of quality in terms of their graphic and sound, that without despising at any time their frantic and fun gameplay. Pros: An incredible artistic design. Increasing difficulty and challenge. The soundtrack fits perfectly with the rhythmic and accelerated gameplay. Ability to create your own levels and play those of other people. Cons: Lack of a multiplayer or competitive racing option. Conclusion: Fermi's Path recalls a style of play that is increasingly forgotten, bringing a musical and fast style for fans of this genre, is quite original and entertaining. If you have not played Fermi's Path do not wait any longer because it has a demo available on its Steam page. Full Analysis at Spoil Everything [spoileverything.wordpress.com] This analysis was performed with a copy of the game provided by the GameArt Studio team.
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