Fernbus Simulator reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
That the tires of the Bus shine in Metallic black, that at 100 km/h on the Highway in Passing the birds are heard chirping, that the angular compared Passengers are teleported to the Bus as if by Ghost hand ... Oh all of that I can cope with. I am concerned about driving. But that's just not fun. The Developers write that they haven't finished all the Features yet. But the One-of-a-lifetime nature of The Access Rules is probably not a Feature for a Driving Simulator, but the Core?! Constantly crashing one in The Driveway or in the Roundabout someone from the Side into the Cart, I war "scolded" because of the Accident as well as a Stomach Ulcer. And if the AI motorway rambos could not already billow the Luggage hatch on my driveway because I left them behind, then they brake down completely unexpectedly on the empty Road five hundred Meters further down the empty road. The Passage of the Brake Pedal up To my Lodger also uses nix. It scheppert. And there's Scolding for me. And my Ulcer is growing. The Navi is the next Nuisance. Chronically displays all available Lanes until it suddenly goes around the Corner and you (can take the most poison on it) are in line in the wrong Lane. The Display also shows the maximum Speed allowed, which is in no way in line with Roadside Signage. And so I am always sure of grim Comments from my revered passenger Team on the preferred Speed. Oh the complain all the time only around: If it is half a Degree too warm for them, or they find that I am driving too slowly, then I can react. But what if they suddenly come up with the Thought of wanting to take a Break? "Don't Worry, young Man who has Space anxiety in the Toilet Bus, on the A13 between DD and B would have to be around 6-8 Parking spaces, because I'll stop fast for you!" A relaxed View of the Map ... More räusan ... "nee without a 50 km Detour That will probably be nix and I want Bonus for earlier Arrival!" Obviously he lets in and quenches and annoys, even when he's been out for a long time and I want to plan the next fun Tour in the Main Menu. And all of a sudden, I'm quite happy that the Developers haven't finished Voiceover yet. There you drive diligently to free yourself the Night Trip and then this! It will not be because of my 5 Dioptries that I don't see anything at night. The Flixbus obviously only has tea Dishes behind the Lamp shells Funnel. THAT is something passengers should complain about, but that doesn't interest them if only the WI-FI is turned on. An Ascension Command with an Arm Length Visibility In front of The Radiator grille! But on the Day, it's not much better either. At the highest Graphics setting, the Lane Markings are only felt 5 Meters in front perceptible, on wet Road practically no longer at all. A Drum Roll Should be played in front of each highway signpost to appreciate the Second of the visibility of the Information on it. Yes, I could flag slower so I have two Seconds to read the Sign. Were it not for the annoying Passengers ... Enough swafy. My Conclusion. Pro: What I really like as Opposed to, for example, the Trucksims I play: I can get out of the Vehicle, Press doors and Switches and stuff like that. Contra: The Rest. It is a Cheekiness to sell this Pre-product to say the least. Fortunately, not all Trades work in this way, but only charge for the Performance provided. Whether I can put a Wobble on the Cockpit or a wobble Elvis ... You can put that into Updates. But I can expect the basics of a Driving Simulator if I pay for them.