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Ferrum's Secrets: Where Is Grandpa?

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Ferrum city was enveloped by a thick fog. Prominent citizens and scientists disappeared and among them well known inventor working on a number of inventions in the field of electricity. Shortly after his disappearance his granddaughter comes to his house. With her favourite kitten Iris, she must face the mystery and discover what happened to her grandpa. Will she manage to save him?

Game features:
  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Rich world set in the realities of steampunk.
  • 59 intriguing locations.
  • 16 unique mini-games.
  • 13 challenging hidden object scenes .
  • More than 100 items to collect.
  • Extra difficulty modes, including an extremely difficult Expert mode. Can you finish it?

That's not all! You can explore mysterious labyrinths, collect bonus items, solve intricate puzzle, explore the corners of the plot and everything in a vintage atmosphere of steampunk. It's like an old good movie, but better, because unlike the cinema, you can change the cinematograph and try out new vintage look of the game. Try one of our old-school cinematographs and change the game's look and feel:
  • Vintage,
  • Old lime,
  • Short nap.
More cinematographs soon!
Release date
ZigZag Soft
EJR Sp. z o.o.
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Compatible with DirectX9
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Find all collector's item on normal difficulty level.
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Finish game without using any source of light.
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Find all grandpa's notes.
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Find all collector's items that are paintings.
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Finish all mini-games without using Skip button.
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Ferrum's Secrets: Where Is Grandpa? reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Yes the Game looks damn good. The Graphics are pointed ... In the Pictures ... And apart from the fact that my Graphics Card is overheating, because there are no graphics settings and possibly also a little too old for new Games. But I don't expect anything like that from my Favourite Genre:( Apart from that, I can NOT recommend the game:-the sought-after objects have peculiar shapes and are not really recognizable, for example, a crowbar, which is on the table as a black Block-in the HO scenes (Hidden Objects) there are additional Selectable regions That make an Overview totally difficult. -not to mention the "Meeting" of the Objects. If the Cursor does not change accordingly (Hand Symbol), even though you are cordfully on the Object, then the Click does not hit. -since I have Graphic Problems, it is also a graphical Disaster for me. -the Highlighting of Areas with Activity opportunities is-perhaps I understand this wrong-very confused, sometimes not at all and still there, although there is nothing left. -no Hint in HO scenes-no or only rare Card (seen only one until Demolition), but with Action int and Fast Travel-Dialogues disappear quickly, so I could hardly get behind with my English. -"Press Space to skip" in Dialogues-> Why? Why not click? Just like everywhere else. The Difficulty levels must probably be played from easy to normal to time-based all on the best of the Order, on the one hand wg. The Achievments and the other, because the time-based already knows what is happening and I can't even read the first Set of Dialogues before the time is up. ... Sequel could follow ... I voted on Greenlight, bought the Game and have been disillusioned * sigh *
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Kittens... In a Hidden Object Game. Kittens Everywhere ... Kittens, Kittens, Kittens. Again and again Kittens sit around in the screens. Why this felid Obsession? The therapist of the Developer knows this alone. But using one of the Kittens, the frapopped Genius of some Tasks can be described: The Door to the next Room blocks a fallen shelf on the same Kitten. Like, just how do we solve this world-shattering Problem? Grab The little Cat by the Neck and put 20cm away? Where do You think? Scouring The Cat by shouting Loudly? Never. Using an Anti-tank missile To test if Cats really have seven Lives? But no, even if you are Excited. The Solution: We have to put a Napkins in front of her Nose, fill it with Cat food and ... Leave the Room so the Kitten can eat in Peace. It's Only when we come back and the Kitten has filled her Peasant with Frescoes that we can push the Shelf away ... Any questions? The Game Mechanics are grotty. There are numerous Objects in each Screen, but only a few can be used to interact. With which ones? Who knows. The Level Design lacks any Logic and the Hidden Object images are uninter-friendly at best. The Puzzles are sometimes even quite fine. The Story actually starts out very promisingly easy. As little Girls, we're looking For our missing Grandfather. Later, however, becomes erratic. We end up with an Alchemist after a Fainting, for which we have to find Herbs and Balls of light And later we find ourselves on an Airship with Robot opponents ... Any questions? How to combine such an absurd Mix with such dramaturgical Ineptitude is devoid of logic. You should probably be a Cat in order to be able to get something out of it All. The Graphics are almost always unsightly with slurred Textures and only occasionally have charming Moments. A Setting does not exist (except for Cat Mows, of course) and the Sound has a high Nervous Factor. Rating: 3/10 Atmosphere 3/10 Graphics 3510 Sound 3/10 game mechanics 2/10 Balancing 3/10 play Depth 3/10 game pass conclusion: After this "Adventure" I finally know again why I hate Cats. Schrödinger, Take over! 3/10 Overall Rating
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