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Microsoft from French
Yes, good 5 stars, there are some who will shout "Oh scandal!" and I understand them. It is true that 5 stars for a game where just tap on his mobile to launch attacks is more than average. A final fantasy without strategy, no choice in the attacks, it's all bogus! Premium characters that you do not win by challenging but by spending tunes (€0.89 the special character (there are 35, Yes Yes, it's nice anyway...)) and €3.59 the additional cards (it seems to me) (there are 3), it's even what you could app a damn scam! But good... I am a fan of final fantasy, and it is true that it is very heavy to slam money to have special characters that does not bring you much, except the fact of seeing their small attack well to them... Despite that, it's a moron but I hooked! So we play on nostalgia, of course. We review the bosses of the old episodes, we listen to the music of the time (not enough different pieces by the way). So it is true that this game does not merit may not be 5 stars, but the fan that I am puts them anyway! ^^
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Microsoft from Norsk
The most shameless cash grab ever! I had heard a lot of criticism about this game, but i had to try it for myself. Oh boy, what a bad game. After 30 minutes most people will be bored, and you have to buy your way trough the game. (Well you could opt not to, but then you'd have an even more horrible experience because you would have to grind) The game plays like this: swipe you finger frantically up and down, use real cash to revive your party when (not if) they die, rinse and repeat. There is also dlc to buy, the dlc is so expensive that no mentally stable person should consider buying some. For example, you could pay around a dollar to get a new character. But its totally random who you get and it does not affect gameplay at all. There are 35 characters to buy, and some maps/locations that's four dollars a piece. These prices are insulting! Is there anything positive to say? Yes. The idea, the concept, is really interresting. But its so poorly executed, a bit more tactics and decisionmaking would have gone a long way. Credit is also due in regards to the nostalgia of this game. Enemies, locations, heroes, music and the sprites are really nice. But it still cant save this game from a one star rating. Square Enix, I'd like my money back and please pull this game. The Final Fantasy brand should never have been slapped on this "game", this once beloved brand has been tainted by the seed of evil.