Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a Darklord

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Step into the fashionable shoes of the Evil Darklord's daughter, Mira. A malevolount young woman tasked with dispatching of the would be do gooders who are invading her tower.

To dispose of these intruders, you will need to utilize your ensemble of abominable monsters and diabolical traps. The key to victory will be how you utilize them in your tower. Finding the perfect balance of monster and tower will take great planning and strategic thinking. Be warned though, with various race and job classes from the Crystal Chronicles series storming your lair in real time, perfect placement of your defense is crucial.

Stop protecting the world as a goody too shoes king and start conquering it as a bad to the bone Darklord! Sure there are legions of annoying adventurers trying to stop you, but as any villain would agree, crushing these goody to shoes adventurers is loads of fun!

Special Features

  • Additional maps, monsters, stages, and stat-boosting items will be available for purchase.
Add-on Content Price
(Wii Points) Release
Date Darklord Armory 400 7/20 Vile Ribbon 200 7/20 Nightmare Tiera 200 8/3 Fatal Earrings 200 8/3 Darklord Special Forces 500 8/17 Bedroom Set 300 8/17 Beloved Wardrobe 600 8/17 Gloomy Armband 200 9/14 Wailing Doll 200 9/14 Wanted On Vacation 500 8/3 Designer Wardrobe 600 8/31 Darklord Elite Unit 500 8/31 Kain 200 9/14 Palom 200 9/28 A Fateful Clash! 500 9/14 Living Room Set 400 9/28

In-game content available for purchase using stored account funds.

System requirements for Wii

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Last Modified: Sep 20, 2023

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