My first hours with FF III were so fast that I almost didn't felt them, but once you go more deeply into the story, this game can feel at times like a chore.

As far as narrative goes, the story is kind of similar to the one in Final Fantasy I but with more story-driven main characters, they're no blank slates this time, although they're not that interesting, they're ok, and for the most part, the story it's good, taking a nice turn near the end, not that memorable but good, it also seems to serve as some inspiration for FF XIV's Shadowbringers.

The best part although is its turn-based gameplay, it has a nice rhythm, never too hard but never too easy, at least till you arrive at the final dungeon where the curve has a big spike and you require to do a lot of grinding or take a gamble and lose hours worth of exp, because you can't save indoors or in dungeons, this is unforgivable since this being a remake it doesn't make sense to be this punishing and also it can't be a technical limitation, or maybe it does who knows, this is not a problem in other dungeons since they're not that big, so if you die, you'll only lose like 20 min or so. Speaking of dungeons, it has a lot of boss fights and a lot of them are great and offer a good challenge, although be prepared for some dying.

A mixed thing about the gameplay and the new addition to the series is its job system, you can assign different jobs to any character you like and raise their job level (you have a level gauge for the base character and a level gauge for their selected job), this can be fun, but it seems that a lot of jobs are clearly better than others so it's more like you'll be switching jobs when they're available to you, not because you like them but because they're better, the problem is that the best jobs are available near the end so you have to start their new job from zero and do a lot of grinding, if only every job was available from the start this mechanic wouldn't feel so punishing.

Visually the game looks pretty nice, although I don't prefer to have the super stylish and cool designs of Yoshitaka Amano and have the cute and anime like 3D models, once you forget that discrepancy you'll do fine, the music is also great, I loved so much the overworld theme, in fact, there are several musical cues that reminded me of Shadowbringers, so I was pleasantly surprised.

All in all, there are certain issues to call this game as a better version than its predecessors, it is certainly a good time around, the story and gameplay may be a little generic by today standards but still they're pretty solid, so is easily to recommend to everyone, just be mindful of the last section of the game that has a stiff curve.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»
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Microsoft from Spain
It was the year of 2003 when the games for movieles gave the jump to color, moving away from small games like Snake or others. Gameloft would be the first to exploit this emerging market, adapting the famous amas sagas consoles in mobile devices, with games such as Siberian Strike Pircwe Of Persia or Splinter Cell. Nokia would try it with its N-cage platform doomed to failure for not being able to compete with the traditional portable consoles such as the Nintendo DS or the recently released PSP. It would take at least 3 years for the end of 2010 to realize the potential of Androids devices with Infinity Blade leaving the line that separates console and mobile just a couple of steps. This post is dedicated to all those who doubted the potential of mobile technology to deal with the traditional consoles of Nintendo or Sony.  If we were already surprised with Chaos Ring, also from Square-Enix, and later with Eternal Lenagy from Gameloft, Final Fantasy III would not be less. The game presents a great graphic and sound section, since it is not about Nes version if not a remastered and synthesized version of the Nintendo Ds version. The depth of the story will be presented in cinematics using the graphic engine of the game, perosnaje s and enemies present a casual but spectacular, thus becoming the reference in the genre of role in this platform. The essence of Chaos Ring being present throughout the game but not its corrections the static mapping and without camera movements will make our hero get stuck or move more slowly in some situations, even a virtual pad that will not have a fixed position. On the other hand, and to please to go for the emnus of the jeugo will be very simple sharing the interface of the previous editions of final fantasy. If it does not have a starting price that is more than necessary because it is equivalent to buying almost 2 games of high altitude, something that can stop some to do it but once purchased will delight everyone.  Something that we really liked is that the game just occupies about 200 Mb something that speaks its favor seeing the overall game that exceeds the remarkable, since estavamso a little tired of erasing applications to make room for games that occupy more than 1GB in the device memory.  Without being perfect Final Fantasy III marks the path to follow in what role-playing games for mobile phones is concerned and we hope that Square-Enix will not end up here and continue to delink us as you go along with it, an impressive 3d quality and the fact that this totally in Castilian make Fibal Fantasy III a highly recommended game for all lovers of RPGs, from here I encourage you to buy it even counting on its high price since the moment you play it will pass to the background ... * The best :)  + Graphic characters and impressive animations  + Fully in Spanish although our hero does not say neither Mu ..  + It occupies little in the memory of the device even having a global beyond that remarkable  + This is the version of Ds and not that of 1990 remastered for touch screens and retina. * Worst :(  - Sin of inheriting the flaws in the mapping and character control of Chaos Rings  - The Synthesis makes its duration decrease  - Price something more than excessive although the global is very good does not give the right to be worth almost 2 games.  Thanks greetings ... !!!