Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I love Final Fantasy XII. I Always have and always will. Personally, I can RECOMMEND this Game ONLY. There is no other option in my Case. Pro-The Graphics are beautiful and yet have lost none of the PS2 flair 10/10-The Game starts and runs fantastically (no Problems starting or Crashing) 10/10-It runs absolutely liquid 10/10-is now not a single Bug 10/10-The Combat System of Final Fantasy XII, has always been one of my Sweethearts (more real than a Undeni-based Combat system, but not as a mess as in Final Fantasy 13) 10/10 Kontra But there's a single Thing That really pretty spoils the fun of the Game To me. Namely, the new ' Classes System '. Most People think it's great and say it has enriched the Game, made it more real, given more depth to the Characters, offered more Freedom. Unfortunately, I cannot agree with such Comments. I spent thousands of Hours in Ivalice on PS2 because I like to complete my Games 100% (all Mobs, all Charas Lv. 99, Pirate nest complete, monster Catalog as complete as possible, ect.) and this World eventually became my second home. But with the Classes System ... In the PS2 Version you could acquire with all The Characters, almost any Lizens ... And sure, if you wanted to make it easy for yourself (which the old Linzensboard Invited), you have equipped each Character with the same strong Weapon and the same strong Armor and has all the Magic and Skills in every Fight with every Party people. Rushed that there was. MAN HAT ES SICH SO BUT SENER ONLY GEMACHT! Fact is, I never did anything in a Fight with all The Characters. Before a Fight against a Boss opponent or a Mob, it sometimes took Me hours before a fight against a boss opponent or a mob to decide what Character, in what fight, what role will take and then Built my Strategy on it and then equipment, Weapons, Accessories and then Gambits adapted. However, I could Still consider every Character for each Position. I don't have that Freedom anymore in Zodiac Age. In Zodice Age you are bound per Chara To 2 selectable Classes, which for me is more of a Rub Step. This is like being prescribed in real Life that you can only know yourself super well in 2 Areas and you can't be interested in anything else. And even if there are several ' ' Specialty areas ' in a few Classes, it does not affect the Quality of The game. After all, I am such a Person who is interested in everything and wants to learn new Things and know again and again (which is why I think I want to handle it in Games). And that's why I have to say that the Classes system, has made the Game (for me personally) more unrealistic. DESHALB:-Lizens System 2/10 The Game gets an Overall Rating of 8.5/10 Punten from me and is therefore an absolute must have. If I could connect my PS2 to the TV Without the Risk of Eye Cancer, however, I would NOT HAVE bought it UNBEDINGT. But the same goes for PS1 Games that are in my Library.
Finished on August 29, 2017 (PS4).

+Characters (except Vaan y Penelo)
+Side Quests