FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn reviews

Is kind of hard to rate an MMO because my experience can be significantly different from everyone so I'm going to focus more in the "Single player aspect" and not the social aspect. As you may expect, ARR is a massive game with a ton of quests and jobs to do, the first hours may be overwhelming with all the menus and options and skills, etc, but once you get the gist of it its more or less easy, the control scheme its very good or at least to me felt nice, so instead of buying a keyboard and mouse for my ps4, I stuck with the controller.

So let's do the bad first, the main story its at times and mostly in the first and mid half really slow, its no surprise tho' because Square needs you to take things slowly and take you at least 2 months of subscription but it can be very punishing, the thing goes more or less like this: you accept a quest in some town, you need to take care of some enemies or search for something or someone in another town, then you go to another specified point and then you go back to the requester, this procedure is going to be your best friend for at least the next 30 hours so you better like it or accept it, the main cast is serviceable at first but it develops nicely by the end (more of that later), the dungeons have interesting mechanics but are easy and slow to take, so sometimes it can be boring to do grinding. Speaking of gameplay, there is a lot of positioning and role mechanics that are very fun and interesting, also if you already have friends in XIV or want to invite new ones, the dungeon system has a syncing mechanic, so everyone can join the fight and be rewarded, so that's a good feat, obviously the thing is more fun if you have friends, but if you're a lone wolf like me you can also have some fun, because you don't need to know or speak to any other player in order to advance, it can be played as a single player.

For the main quest, the boss battles are interesting and sometimes kind of challenging but never too much, so you need to wait a little to get the good of ARR, which takes to Pros of this game, the music is really good and different from one another, some boss battles are your epic fantasy stuff and others are more like rock or electronic, and everything works very well. The story goes to good with the first ending to really really good in the endgame ARR patch, which I won't spoil but serves as founding ground for the next (or after?) expansion, that ending was like a solid punch to the gut. As for the endgame, is when things get really good, you unlock new and totally cool gear, raids and hard and extreme boss battles of the bosses, the extreme battles were the ones I enjoyed the most, you need to be in full sync to your party to get things done, like a synced dance where if one fucks it up, there is a big chance that you'll be killed, it maintain the stakes in the sky and gives you goosebumps when you fnally make it.

It's kind of hard to sell this game to anyone since you need to invest a lot of time and money, but I think if you look for a good FF challenging experience, please look no further, this game contains one of my favorite fights and characters of the entire franchise, it can be that good.
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«Better with friends»
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I've been feeling all The MMORPGs tried in the last Few years. From Aion, Tera, Teso, Archeage to Allods and Runescape. None of these could somehow captivate me. As a Final Fantasy Fan, I have now decided to try Final Fantasy XIV, despite Subscription Fees. The Following shows what I find so special and fascinating about the Game:-You only need one Character to be able to play all Classes and Professions. If you realize after 20 Levels that you prefer to play a Healer, you can do it and start with Level 1 again but can always switch back to your previous Class. -Contant! I was fascinated by the Possibilities in the Game, because FF14 offers numerous level and Employment Opportunities. I can just play the Storyquest to reach the maximum Level or I'm accustomed to all The side Quests of NPCs, play Group content in the Content Search (Dungeons), go hunting for Monsters via the Bestarium, and so on. There's the Golden Sourcer where you can play Mini-games like a Collectible card game or Choco racing. It's actually for everyone. In the end game, you can of course let off steam in THE PVP. -Graphic & Atmosphere! Since everyone should make their own Image of but Animations and Effects are terrific. But what makes the Game so special are the Little Things: If you Go to a Village with only a few NPCs and maybe 2 Players, it's very quiet. If this Village fills up but with Players the Soundscape gets louder and louder (talking People, laughs, etc.). Standing next to a Person and writing with her, your Character's Lips move. Things like That make a Game Amkind. -Story! Those who like the Final Fantasy Games will also like the Story of FF14. She's really exciting compared to other MMORPGs. -Classes! There are of course the standard classes in FF14 such as Archer, Warrior or even the Magician but each Class can be combined with other Classes to create unique "Jobs." For example, I took my Forest Ranger to Level 30 and the Fist Fighter to 15-so I got a Quests to draw a Bard out of these two Classes. -When I started the Game, I fell straight into Nostalgia! Because even the Theme Music was familiar. The Music in the Towns and Villages when you ride on the Chocobo or in the Dungeons are terrific. Sometimes they're so epic that you don't want to get out of the Dungeon at all. There are certainly many more Good things to report, such as the helpful and adult Community, but in conclusion there is only one thing left for me to say: Try it out and enjoy it! (You can try it for free for 14 Days)