Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Player's Edition reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Great hex strategy Game for Fans of Games like Panzer General, Battle Academy or World at War (Board game) and hobby generals in World War 3 (NATO vs. WP). The Controls are quickly learned. The Tutorial Scenario (and maybe a Video on YouTube) show you how to play quickly and easily. How to win ... That's another Question and makes all the Fun. The Peculiarity to many other strategy games is the Fact that you can't give Commands all the time. Instead, they are given at the Beginning and after again in Breaks after different Long Periods of time. This very well represents the real Fact that such Plans must be made, audited and submitted before Units move. It also forces the Player to think about his Plan, because once you get started you can't change the next 10-30 (Game) Minutes. Just move forward and see what's going on? Nope... Won't work out. It may be a deterrent at first that you can't intervene in the action phases in between. But it soon becomes clear that there is no Boredom. On the Contrary, it takes the Time to see the big Picture. The Phases (longer or shorter depending on the event density) should be used intensively to analyze where and with which MItteln the Opponent takes action against one. Many Factors play a Role in this, Such as Terrain, Weather, equipment, Mine Barriers, Morals, etc., etc. Losses, especially from HQs, cause the action phases to get longer and you get less Opportunity to give Orders. The Other way round, it can be crucial To give Commands more often within a Time Frame and thus be able to react more flexibly than the Enemy, should it be hit hard. The Game is not for People expecting formidable bombast graphic battles. The Cards are kept simple. However, you can already find the first Mods on the Internet that allow you to change the Color Sets. Speaking Of the Cards ... In their Design, almost 1:1 was adhered to the real Landscapes in Germany. So You will find many Places that you know from your daily Life. It makes an incredible Mood to defend the Area around Seligenstadt and the Main against approaching Soviets when you know the Landscape from real Life. Briefings are also unfortunately only available as simple text briefings. But it should be remembered that video Conferences were rarely held In a command tank in 1985, but the A4 Sheet with a quickly scribbled position and Mission corresponded more to Reality;-). The Sound is also not Oscar suspicious but still makes you feel Like. The only thing that can be a little confusing at the beginning is the Fact that Shots can already be heard in the Background, even if no Unit has contact yet. But at the latest when the Fight starts, you don't notice anything about it. The diversity of unit can be seen for this and leaves a lot of Room for Experimentation. Even if all Units are presented only as simple Markers, the Detailed view reveals the significant Differences. There is an Editor to do this, which unfortunately does not let you change or redesign any Cards. The only thing you can do is change scenario parameters on the existing Maps or design new scenario/campaigns with the full Range of troops available. Verdict: It doesn't come close to the wargame series in terms of style and Graphics. In my Opinion, however, the Gameplay is better by Lengths. The constant Alternation between execution and Planning phase, between Analysis and reaction makes the Game more challenging Than the Clicking of some Real-time Strategy games in which the One who is faster with the Mouse wins. This is where the more preview plan, the better Exploitation of Terrain and the Quentchen Gain luck. Because no Plan survives the first Contact with Reality. How true this Principle is demonstrated in this Game impressively.