Floor Kids reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free when an artist named JonJon and a musician by the name of Kid Koala unite to create a game combining two passions, this gives birth to the very rhythmic game floor kids. A game created with love and passion that feels from beginning to end. This is our express test. At the discovery of floor kids in floor kids, you control young Breakdancers who all have a particular style of dancing, your goal is to climb to the top of the glory by offering services in unusual places such as the subway, the street , or even an art gallery, until you have enough talents to be at the top. Each zone begins with a comic story, with a poetic writing that rhymes with perfection. We're going to say it from the beginning, floor kids has a far too low lifespan, and once in the mood, we finish the story very quickly, because the first goal is to reach the Summit of peace with the 8 unlocked characters and stars that you recover when of your various small breakdance contests. All this can be done in 1 good hour if you have the rhythm in the skin. We are on a rhythmic gameplay to the soundtrack of the various music, we will have to manage the different figures of Toprock, Downrock, power and freeze. The associations of buttons are really easy, no difficulty to put the ambiance on the dancefloor, but sometimes the audience asks you to follow a few steps of Toprock, or see you do a freeze, this is where it gets complicated, because once launched in a chain, it is difficult to stop and we lose the bonuses of the public, which sometimes are very important for the perfect. Even if the lifespan and gameplay are not the strengths of the game, floor Kids offers a very pretty hand-drawn graphic style, and you can see that the talent is there, whether it's in the character design, the different sets or the dance animations. Of course, a rhythm game without a soundtrack would not be a rhythm game, and again, a huge work is done by the DJ Kid Koala that offers various personal sound that will put you from the first music in the mood of the game. To conclude, floor kids is a game made with passion, by talented people in their field, soundtracks that put you in the mood, a style drawn sublime hands that go with this Groovy vibe and a poetic and perfect writing. Nothing more to say, we're entitled to a perfect game. Editor's Note: 8/10-a game full of rhythm but too little content and too short. You can follow the Currateur couple of gamer for more reviews of games: couple of gamer