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Counter to Review: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fiddlejam/recommended/384030/So my dear Erec, it's been some Time since you wrote this Preview, so I'll include the Timeliness and go into your Points. As far as I can remember, you have never reached a higher Level, but have been held around the same Level area forever, so you have unfortunately been denied the Experience in the Tower and the higher-level maps, as well as the new elite dungeons and the new Map. I myself have also started to the Open Beta and you are right in many Points regarding the Past (before the Relaunch) Now to your Points: Leveling: Yes Florensia is and always has been a Grinder, but that's exactly what makes it so important for me. I play it with Friends in the evening after Work and am happy, no matter how long it may take, about the Number that changes above my Head at some point. If you prefer to play story-technical Games or master Tasks without a break in order to get from one Level to another, Florensia is probably just the wrong Game. Content: Again, you're right, but everything concerns the old Game operation, the new Publisher has tried to make it possible to reach level 99 With Friends through elite dungeons without 100 Floors Tower. With the Aim of now being able to offer them (end) content with the new Map 100 + and then plugging the other Holes (by the way only 75-99, you forgot the Droes 65-75). It should also Be noted that you can get to Level 84 even in Droes and you can spend 15 + levels in the elite dungeons, so to speak, or now switch to the new Map. Class balance: Yes basic Topic for Years, but again and again minor Interventions were made to bring a little more Balance back into Play. Also a Topic, which according to Publishers and Developers is a high Priority, but is a difficult Topic, since every Change in turn meets With Incomprehension of the Community, which demands the same thing (?). PvP: Was not Part of the Game at first, but became necessary because the Monsters and Bosses were not heavy enough to get players to want to strengthen their Equipment and thus generate enough Revenue. The Players push themselves up against Each other and thus finance the Game, which is fundamentally playable for all in full For all. This means that "normal" Players are no longer relieved because there has been a Warzone-free Channel since the Relaunch, because Player fights can only take place on request. Community: One of the best Communities I've come to know, Clearly there are always black Sheep, but many are helpful, Even the Forum has been active for Years, although it no longer meets today's Standard (Social Media). But Florensia is also actively represented on Facebook, Discord and many other Platforms. The Game is developmentally logically oriented towards the most economically interesting Group, but never forgets the Beginners or all other Players at Events etc. Fazit Florensia was the first MMO I played and I can claim that it gave me after 9 JAhren is still Fun. I would also like to say that today, as a Beginner and right down to the Final Level, it's Fun. I like to be Part of the Community and still hope that the existing Issues will be resolved. Despite all this, I would recommend everyone today to start with Florensia. For you may not encounter these Problems any more, as they are all fixed by then, and I see a lot of Hope for that when I have watched the last 3 Years. I am eerily grateful To Achim and co for relaunching the Game rather than letting It get budged and die full of Cheaters without Dignity. So far ... Let me greet my dear Erec and enjoy your Life wherever it takes you