FNIA: Human Again

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Warning: the girls here are adult girls yet are still family friendly. (they don't even appear anywhere but the title [until later]) You no like girl, you check out other game. 

FNIA is back, and family Friendly too!

Story: You've been working at Frederica's for 8 years and have grown benevolent attraction to them all. Now the convention's being closed and they want to destroy the friends you've come to know. Fortunately, being a part time engineer has done you good and you can turn each animatronic into a real, living, breathing person. Now it's up to you to exchange their endoskeleton for a rebirth of humane attributes.


w, a, s, d: moves character

k: uses side attack

l: uses main attack and allows you to talk to characters.

o, p: navigates the main weapon selection (i.e switches from sword to whip)

u, i: navigates the side weapon selection (i.e switches from bombs to bow)

space: navigates through text, and closes the shop

My first game that contains a save and load system. Of course it's more of a password system.

Fight off against an evil Karen, and a sneaky Rat named Mr. Mouse

Expect more to come as the weeks progress; this is only a demo for a game jam (so far)

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Last Modified: Apr 4, 2022

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