Football Tactics reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Actually a good Game if you don't put a lot of emphasis on the Manager Components. Unfortunately, this is far too simplistic, too static or non-existent in almost all Areas. Here are just a few Examples: Sponsors: Once at the Beginning of each Season, you choose exactly one Sponsor from three Possible. This, together with the Fact that the Prize Money is absolutely irrelevant very quickly from the Height, just makes the Whole Sponsorship issue an annoying Click after every Season. Why isn't mans just designed like this:-Several Sponsors (E.g. one for Jersey, four for Gang advertising, one for stadium names, etc.)-No fixed lengths (one goes 6 months, one 30 Games, one 2 years) Transfers:-Both Buy and Sell are exactly 2 Clicks. Every Player for Sale is immediately available, and every Player who is supposed to leave is sold immediately. No Negotiations, no Cancellations, no Inquiries from other Clubs nothing. -On the Transfer List, only the Players aged 16 and a maximum of 17 years are interesting when there is real Need. Everything else is just going too badly in the long run. -I have no Way of attracting Players from other Clubs, I only Have what appears on the Transfer Lists. -No Borrowing/Lending Leagues:-No Way to look at the leagues of other Countries-There is no promotion or relegation round, either direct Ascent or direct Relegation-No National Teams, so no Discharge of Players for Internationals and No Tournaments etc. Players:-The one can customize names with Mods is good, it is only of no use because the "regrowing" Players have the same, predetermined names again. -The Talent System in the current State Are similar to the Sponsors rather Annoying Clicks. One almost always skillates according to the same Principle and in the same Order, there is far too little Variety and for my Taste the Impact of the Talents are also far too high. -After some Time in the Game, you can already have your Players aged 22 to 24 at the Maximum Level. The remaining 8-10 Years are no Longer developing. -Costs for Contracts with players are always absolutely the same, depending on the Skills and Talents. -Training can theoretically always be one of four Skills, practically you train over the entire Career of a Player, from their Position rather exactly a Further one:-Absolutely no Personnel system, you can't hire anyone, you only buy yourself better Coach with Points. But At some point you have all of them permanently. -From a certain Number of "Fans" it is no longer possible to lose "Fans." So You hang out very quickly permanently at the Maximum of 80 000 and there is absolutely no Change. Apart from the fact that a crooked number would somehow look better here, there would be a bit more swaying. -Stadium Expansion is limited to a simple Increase in the Number of seats up to a maximum of 80,000. -Money eventually becomes irrelevant when everything is expanded, as you can't spend money on anything (except Salaries and Player Purchases). And the Costs are also irrant compared to the Revenues (Only 16 And 17-year-olds are useful and they cost nothing). -If the Game performs longer Calculations then it hangs up until it is finished and only then continues to run. -Not everything runs in Window mode Even in the Background. Some Things don't go on until the Window has the Focus again. -Simulates games, there seems to be no Reappearance. In General, the Information is relatively meagre during the Game. You will see a maximum of the Gates nothing else. -In simulating Games, Tactics and Lineup seem to have little or no impact. If you maybe tackle even a few of the Points, it would be worth a Thumbs up and a Recommendation. Will still be supplemented * * * *