Ford Racing Off Road reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
Ford Racing Off Road-Arcade race on licensed cars Ford and Land Rover. The Development of this game, as well as the series as a whole, was handled by the development team named Razorworks. 2008 Release Date on the PS2 and PC platforms. After a successful 3d part of the series Ford Racing began to slowly fall into the abyss. After its peak in 2004, there was a controversial sequel in 2006, and the year 2008 was marked by the release of perhaps the worst part of Ford Racing. As can be judged from the name, this game was completely dedicated to off-road racing. Although in the previous parts, this element was only one of the modes. Prefix Off Road In the name, I mentally set up to ride on the insurmountable sections of trails in the mountain, forest and other areas, with difficult weather conditions. But in the game it is completely absent. All tracks are literally perfectly smooth, not about any complex lifting, abrupt descents speech and does not go. We are worn on expensive SUVs at 200 km/h on almost perfectly smooth surfaces. The Physics of control is just disgusting. Machines behave very obediently. The game does not make sense to use brake, because it is enough to release the gas button to enter a sharp turn, even at a great speed. What can be said if the game is not even a handbrake. Machines behave exactly the same on any surface, be it snow, sand, ice, water or something else. You can easily leave the main road and at the same speed to go for example on the coast, being half in the water. The game has three radically different locations with their climatic conditions, but there is no difference in management. Cacti, trees, small stones and other minor objects present on the roads we can pass through! The game has a physics damage. Externally, the machines are slightly affected by bumpers, the body is covered with scratches, and with severe damage the car can even zadymitsja. It's hard to say anything specific About internal damage. It feels that all damage dealt is reflected only at the maximum speed of your iron beast and no more. Most of the regimes migrated from the third part, and then in a stripped-down form. In Addition to standard ring races, shootout races have modes of collecting items, rides for a limited time, the mode of clean overtaking enemy. I Liked the new artifact collection mode. The Purpose of the mode is to find and pick up all items that are in a limited number on the track. The timer is set, which limits your time. Artifacts hidden on the borders of the map, often on the color scheme fully correspond to the game level, they can be easily skipped or overlooked. Therefore it is necessary to concentrate the attention on all areas of adjoining territories. The game is just disgusting graphics. Textures of poor quality, strangely realized effects of sunlight, the level of glare in bright lighting and more. There is simply no Vertical synchronization and smoothing. Some levels (such as deserts) look very not beautiful. Maybe you should make a discount on the fact that the game was originally created for the PS2, but still. And Despite the weak graphics in the game there are decent, and in the long run beautiful levels. The winter trails in the mountains, in icy dungeons, with huge airplanes and sunk cargo ships, look Spectacularly. The worst part in the series. Terrible Graphics (even for the period of 2008), boring gameplay, simple controls, monotonous, short soundtrack of poor quality and to the eerie simple physics of control. Rating: 4/10