Ford Street Racing reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
You Can also play Ford Street Racing in the German Language, but you have to open a Folder for that. Just search through Steam/Steamapps/Ford Street Racing/Config and open the syscfg.exe file there, then You can change or change the Language and resolution. You can Also see the Shortcut there, as it is not possible directly in the Game. But now to the actual Game. Ford Street Racing Is a simple arcade racing game without much Ambition. So Realism can be forgotten. It's just a nice Racing Game for in between. You can also unlock a few Cars and Tracks, but there is no Story. The only Special Feature of Ford Street Racing is the Team races, where you switch from Car to car during the Race to Win as a Team. Otherwise, the Game is very simple. The Graphics and Sound are, of course, no longer up-to-date with such an old Game, but quite appropriate. Unfortunately there is no Music during the Race, so unfortunately it seems a bit silent. Even so, Ford Street Racing Is a nice fun racer. Of Course, there are better Racing Games, such as Midnight Club 2, FlatOut or a Need for Speed game, but just on Offer for €1.24! Ford Street Racing is definitely great.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
In the year 2016, a game like Gran Turismo 3 A-spec still holds the type, and we're talking about a title that went on sale in 2001. However, the same does not happen with Ford Street Racing, which neither in the 2016, nor the 2001, can be considered an acceptable game of racing. First Of All, the menu is tasteless, crappy, salchichero or any qualifying despicable. What is being a direct heir to the initial screens on the 32-bit consoles. Secondly, there's no support for the 360 command, or if there is, I haven't been able to find it. Third, graphically is very poor, bordering on the limit between the Nintendo 64 and the Dreamcast (or joke is comparable to the magnificent Metropolis Street Racer). Shadows of square vehicles, textures of funds of very low resolution, dead scenarios (there is no tato), wreckage of the car that makes you want to cry (not break little by little, but you give a punch and Pam, change the graph as well for the good) , feeling of speed worthy of the Master System, etc. Fourthly, I do not know why there is no music during the course of the races. Listening to the monotonous engine of your vehicle and that of the rivals, that sound the same, is not pleasing to your ears. Finally, use an interesting license in a waste of time. Ford Racing 3 on Xbox was not bad, at least entertained. This is an attempt to squeeze the teat of a cow that has not given milk for a long time, but a beaten cut.