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Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Harmless no more Pros: Excellent design is An Interesting gameplay. Nostalgic Music. Cons: Unusual handling. Excessive Labyrinth-Imagery. was Held on PS4 * Forma. 8, as clearly and clearly written even on the page with the game, a representative of the sub-genre of Metrodwania. But Even here there are some nuances. Like that platforming in the game is not. At all. But everything is in order. First about the plot, which there is, but "read" without any specifics. Clicking the New Game button, you will see a ship in space, which clearly broke something. By the Way, this scene has a certain attitude. Maybe It is only with me so, but the combination of music and visual series, made me remember the classics of Soviet Cinema-"Moscow-Cassiophiya." That'S the whole game. The Soundtrack is quite unusual and as if everyone shouts-"We were inspired by the ideas of space travel, as they were seen in the middle of the last century." Even in the moments of selection of health, will play notes on each "glowing ball". So. There was a breakage on the nearest planet (By which we just accidentally flew. On which purely by chance there are remnants of technologies of ancient civilization) Send 8 probes to find a power source. 7 successfully entered the atmosphere and flew on their business (or not, it is not quite obvious), but the eighth, the same forma, crashed into the building. But here we start our story. We Wake Up After the impact and naturally promargialis.) Our hero-A charming little probe with two eyes-lanterns. Well, the management of the.... Let's just say it's like you were dipped in jelly. But at once I say, it is only a idea such. Not to make the player Imboy. What I really do not understand, how it will be played by PC users (by the way it is necessary to express gratitude to developers, for that that answered questions on a course and even have allocated a key for STEAM that I have put out a review and here. The Original Playstation Blog ). The Control is irrevocably sharpened under the controller. From the weapon you first give only shield-repellent. And only a little later-mines, which can be the shield repel and throwing in opponents. In The course will open new pads. Such as accelerator and Teleportator. Gameplay is a flight through a relatively large room-labyrinths related to each other. All the way we will only fly on them, periodically falling under the water, only a little losing in maneuverability. And yes, I wrote literally. Every Room is a maze. And even at the end of the game, when all the abilities will be open, do not expect that the orientation will be easier. The Map only displays the location of the individual rooms and does not help you navigate within them. And sometimes it's critical. I went through a two-call game. But I suspect that people who break the passage for a week or more, will be quite serious problems with orienteering in the game. The Problem should be solved by teleporters.... Must but do not decide. The fact is that there is such a location-a mysterious island. There Are two teleports in it. In the game they are more. But Everyone leads to these two. It was A problem. Teleporched to the island, just to check where this portal leads. He Tried to go back, and he gave me a completely different place. And It was the first half of the game. It took a long time to go again. In General, all teleporters lead to the island, and from the island-only two points. However, the style of the game takes. The Backs are drawn just to cheer. And the developers are well aware of that. The locations Themselves are divided into several zones. The... Subject. Hightec, Vulkan, etc. At the first step in each of them, you open a rather large location, with the camera deliberately relegated back, so you can all this beauty vector graphics to see. Enemies-well enemies as enemies. Quite standard for Indie, stars from the sky do not grasp. Bosses are diverse. At the same time I would appreciate them from the passing, to more than usable. But even in battle with them there are nuances. You See, it's not always immediately clear how to extinguish them. Your mines will always cause damage. I guess So. Mina in the enemy gets, he flashes, mole got on the nuts and.... All. It is possible indefinitely. Continued in comments...
I bought this when there wasn't much available on the Switch and boy do I regret it. It's kind of like LIMBO in terms of speed, but there's no tension. It takes forever to go anywhere or do anything and it's pretty easy to get lost. It does look nice and there's a good sense of atmosphere, but it sort of runs out of steam before it goes anywhere. 
«Waste of time»