Foto Flash 2 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Trade-Centerpoints or a heap of bugs scram. Before us, the second part of a rather pleasant turkey written by a handful of people. For you all the same graphaphone running kid times of late GameBoy. Nenavjashhevaja Music, a simple plot, a little Zmorchek, a couple of mini-games and Rebusov, as well as pseudo-nudity from unprofessional and drawn models. With the engraver still as oriented their disdain to the right proportions to bribe 10-16 summer players. However, it is time to move on to the pressing problems, or rather the comparison of this game with the first. The First set the pace, allowed to spend a few hours without straining and not for the sake of Achivok, and to catch all the secrets present in it. A Rare background with an alien, which I then resold at the Marketplace of the Stima was a pleasant and valuable trifle to the main gameplay. As for the second part, I understand that complaining about only 2-3 people who have spent their energies on the creation of a sequel is a Khanate. But you can see that this game they were doing on the Skryk. The Plot is almost gone, it has turned into guide templates without the subtext or the Grama of entertaining history. Many things have ceased to be explained at all, the drawings have become even more candid, painted them all as if they tried to close the holes in the game mechanics. And of course, bugs. GRRRRR * BATH BAGGIE! Used the unnecessary thing on yourself/in the wrong place/not on that person and instead of the departing line about the meaningliness of this action-catch the hang of the game is intentional! Tried several times to click the action button next to the pending NPCs-the game will be stolen. Not to mention the admission, which for all newcomers will be akin to the bass-use of the item directly from the Inwetar. And in the first part it was necessary to do it. In the second part of it is not explained and I looked at a bunch of acquaintances who ran with the quest thing to the right NPCs-and he repeated once in a while "Oh, you have not found anything! Sorrow is Trouble! " Not to mention the lack of (so far, hopefully) cards and backgrounds, as in the early version. In General to spend on the first part it was possible hours 2-3, and more and not regret about it. The same craft is passed for 1-1.5 hours, together with all their acchits and arcades. Because of this: 3.9 advertising banners, which hangs at the moment of undressing on it models of 10 possible successful backings on the pron sites!