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FourChords Guitar Karaoke

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FourChords Guitar Karaoke
FourChords makes it easy and fun to learn how to play several hundreds of hit songs with your guitar. More songs are added frequently to make FourChords the best chord-based interactive songbook for guitar players of all skill levels -- from one-finger-beginners to guitar slingers.

Karaoke style display with lyrics and customizable backing tracks do everything but play your guitar for you. JustinGuitar instructional videos are available for quickly learning the Basic Chords.

  • Beginning Players: If you are playing guitar for the first time, FourChords gets you playing with your favorite songs quickly with one-string and 3-string play options -- developed in close cooperation with experienced guitar teachers. 11 easy chords is all you need to play every single song in the FourChords extensive songbook. You can find support material such as a “Step by step guide to your first song,” “How to read chord charts,” and “How to tune” guides in the Community Hub.

  • Intermediate Players: The Basic Chords play option is perfect for you! The carefully chosen combination of 11 open and barre chords covers the whole songbook. All songs have been rearranged by expert musicians into simplified versions which are easier to master. If you want to nail a song from start to finish as fast as possible, then you need not look any further.

  • Advanced Players: Most songs in FourChords include the Pro Chords option. You’ll get more chord variations with additional 73 chords. Pro Chords are the secret that more advanced guitarists use to spice up the songs. Check the difference between Basic Chords and Pro Chords on Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” and you’ll see what we mean!

FourChords is perfect for both acoustic and electric guitars. Since we don’t track how accurately you play, there are no extra cables or other gadgets needed. Just fire up FourChords, grab your guitar -- and start rocking out!

Key Features

  • Enjoy 150+ hit songs from the get-go with the included Starter Pack (100 individual songs within the game itself plus 5 free DLC song packs)
  • Expand your repertoire with several hundred additional songs available as downloadable content
  • Track your progress with experience points (XP awarded after you play each song)

With FourChords’ Instant Play Method, you don't need to know anything about tabs or sheet music. Most songs include tutorial videos and chord demos:

  • Simplified chords are arranged by professional guitarists: The whole songbook can be played with 11 chords -- and individual songs can be played with four simple chords
  • Tempo and transposition adjustments can be made to each song
  • Backing tracks and lyrics can also be adjusted
  • Karaoke-style display makes it easy to sing along
  • Training available through chord tutorials by the world´s best guitar teacher, Justin Sandercoe from JustinGuitar (Basic Chords)
  • Strum Instructor shows a suitable strumming pattern for each song

Starter Package Content
  • Pop - Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Adele, Justin Bieber, One Direction, and more
  • Rock - Imagine Dragons, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Black Keys, Shinedown, and more
  • Classic Rock - REO Speedwagon, Oasis, ZZ Top, Dire Straits, Pearl Jam, and more
  • Country - Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Kelsea Ballerini, and more

The complete list of the songs included in the starter pack is visible in the Community Hub of FourChords. New songs are added to FourChords regularly!

FourChords Guitar Karaoke: the interactive songbook game
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Not rated

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OS X 10.8
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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FourChords Guitar Karaoke reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
For me this program was wasted money: 1. Do not make my mistake and buy it before you check out the songs. At least 80 of the 100 included songs i did not even know. 95% of the included songs i dont give a f... about. 2. Extra song packs are expensive. 3 Bucks for 5 songs etc........ ridiculous. 3. not very much different strumming patterns shown ... and in most cases the shown strumming patterns suck 4. Most of the songs i would like are not available.....
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Well done. Game is Fun to play motivated, even the same Song several times in a row, and thus ensures a Training Intensity, which I did not even achieve with Rocksmith-was probably also due to the Song Selection, at RS I found only 2 Songs that I liked and which I learn Wanted. Here are now 14 Songs, since I have some week months to do now. For this, the Game is very inexpensive-and I only purchase the Songs if again a 50% Action is:-). By being able to change the BPM (usually reduce;-)), far too fast songs can actually be learned for me. Simple Songs with 2 and 3 Chords, which are quickly feasible for Beginners like me up to 6 chkor songs, which currently overwhelm me vastly, but promise more fun for the Future. Class. Suggestions for improvement: 1st Song selection to extend German Songs-like to extend Schlager. 2. Build better Transponders, some Songs have really nasty Chords. 3. Songpacks partly with too few Songs and sometimes incomprehensible Song Selection (e.g. Bon Jovi, Beatles), there are no real Hits
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Good,..... afternoons? In the morning for example. Let's Start at the beginning, my studies and musical knowledge died with the flute in 2 º of primary, what comes to be, I of knowledge of music between 0 and nothing. From there, I tried for quite some time the Rocksmith and the game is cool, but it requires basic knowledge of guitar and music that I have, so I have too much time clubbing a guitar getting rather little apart from riffs and cabezoneria more than anything else. To start If you have no one to teach you FourChords is more suitable but also less ambitious. It has No recognition of notes, but you already have it, listen to what you play and you will not need the PC to tell you if it is right or not. From here practice and practice the chords little by little and the basic notions of strums and rhythms that Rocksmith does not give. To start on guitar and commenting that music I have no idea, I think a product more correct than Rocksmith. Finally if you really want to learn the best is a guitar teacher of all life, but if you want to go through the teacher, prepare your patience and a little wallet (pay many hazing) and FourChors is the most suitable that I have found.
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