Fractured Space reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I have at the Beginning Hesitated to Decide on the Game and can say, having already picked up several Hours, it makes a huge Gaudi.It's all about the Fight, but here the Ambition of everyone is tested. You can think of the whole thing like CS-GO, just in Space with Combat Ships, Team versus team.The good thing about it is-there is no Camping or the like. Going It alone or Selfishness becomes a constant value here and not by your own team, but by the Opponent who uses every Opportunity to face You cold! It depends on the Team whether you Win or Lose. In the Beginning, it would be advisable to choose the Solo Mode first and go to the Firing Range, get to know the Ship types and their Weapons, etc. There is a huge Selection of Ships where each has natural, pros and Cons. The Balance of Power is balanced and it is up to each Self how well or badly he dominates the ship in question! In the Game itself you can earn Credits or EP and also Platinum (Platinum Rather rare), so you can buy ships or so-called Implants, Boosters, Crew capsules etc. You can Perform Tasks to Earn certain Things. Of Course, you can also invest Real Money for Platinum or Skin's, Boosters and all the Kram.If you have Patience, you can do it without. That's Why I can't quite understand the Reviev of MasterLeon and here just counting who can read ... Last Battle-3 Knot-9 Missions, the whole must complete 9x, with 9x not quite right, because each Mission consists of several Tasks, then get a special Skin. Many let themselves be confused by the Skins, People these are just Colors that have no Advantages! This is where it comes down to the Crew and their Implants (Improvements). Should be enough for the time. So I can Recommend it Without Hesitation, Very Relaxing and easy to Understand. Now that I have a few more Game hours under my belt, I'll expand my Review. There is new Content for this Game, as far as so good, but the new part The Rift looks beautiful and is made differently like the other content, but the game constantly crashes. What annoys me most though-Are team members who have little to no Idea of Strategy, Tactics or Teamwork, that sometimes makes this Game so frustrating. Now that I have spent a few Hours in this Game again, I would like to add the Developers to stay at the Ball.There are always new Chapters to gamble on. The latest Chapter is-AWAKENING-ARK 'ain-The Eye! At this Point, Praise to the developer good Work. It runs stable. If something doesn't go right, you can get in touch via the Disc, Support, or in the Forum and you will be helped. Super Thing. Sooo, have logged me back after a long Time and see da the Game is set offline. No more new Content or Patches, a great pity. From my Point of view, the Community is, on the one hand, to Blame for this Disaster! There are no Perfect Games and this whole quilted, I want more and even more, but I don't want to pay anything, can't be done. The Counter-part dreadnought is no better, has many Flaws and there is everything Saut-tax.The whole Cosmetics stuff is pure Money cutter!