Fragments of Power

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Based on the original Zelda NES game, think of it as a third campaign with a few surprises. Takes place after the second game.

Includes a randomizer mode for extra runs, though it is recommended the original game is played first.

This project is not associated with Nintendo, and is not intended for commercial use under any circumstance.  Please support the official releases.

This is just a passion project I've been tinkering with on an off for a few years. Since I am now currently working on my own IP, I figured it'd be fun to have people play this instead of having it collecting dust. Any feedback on it is welcome as it can help improve the quality of my next project.

Note: While this game tries to recreate most of the mechanics from the original, there might be some slight differences. The item drops are slightly different (bosses don't contribute to it), and enemies' vulnerabilities to certain weapons might be different in order to balance them out a bit since there are some new items.

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Last Modified: Feb 3, 2023

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