FRAMED Collection reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Folgt our Curator page: GGC curations if you want to read more Reviews like this. Innovative, narrative Puzzle game in great noir Optics about putting comic panels in the right order. + Innovative Gameplay + Pronounced creative art design + atmospheric Jazz music + genius Animations + pleasant difficulty level +/-2-3 Hours Of game length +/-Story sometimes difficult to track +/-faster Pre-coil Function would have been useful at times Game Target & Gameplay: Simply put, the Task is to direct the Character from one end to the other, which is built like the Side of a Comic Book. It is important not to be snowed by the Police and to bypass various Obstacles. The Player does this by swapping the Comic's individual Panels, then pressing a "Play" Button and watching the Story play out. In case Of Failure, the Character finds his abrupt End and the Player can try again at the same Side. Later in the game, more Mechanics will be presented, such as Rotating, Modify or multiple Reuse of the Panels. Even more often, the Perspective changes and the Environment can be used in different Ways. The Degree of difficulty is pleasantly designed, requires reflection in the later Chapters, but without becoming inappropriately frustrating. The Difficulty Curve increases relatively consistently except for a few Outbooks in both directions. Graphics & Sound: The Graphic Style, Comic noir with Characters in a scissor cut look, is refreshingly different and very successful, which is due in large Part to the grandiose Animations. Every possible End result, of which there seems to be numerous, every single Page is lovingly animated. The subdued Jazz Music adapts atmospherically to the Game and is nice to listen to. As beautiful as the Animations are to be seen, an even faster Pre-coil Function than the one that already exists might have been pleasant, since after more frequent Failure the motivation decreases to take the Course of the respective Comic Site once again in full. View. Plot: Framed is an interactive Comic who tells a different Potential story with The Move of each Panel. This is so wanted by the Developer, who notes that the Story, which is silently told, intentionally leaves a lot of Scope for Interpretation. Although the Backstory plays a more minor Role in a Puzzle game, I have to mention that I felt a little lost here and, with the best Will, couldn't make up a soulful Storyline for me-but maybe that's also the case. Just on me. Even though I might not retroactively give an exact Summary: The Story is exciting and entertaining told in the Style of a secret agent cat-and-mouse game. Framed 1 vs. Framed 2: The Collection includes both Games, but they are not very different from each other In a playful way, which is why I rated both games as a Whole. Playing time & value for money: The almost 2 To 3 hours of Play time-even if you allow yourself half Time to Solve the Puzzles-I personally find it pleasant for a Game of this Kind. Whether the relatively short Playing time justifies the Purchase Price, of course, everyone has to decide for themselves. Verdict: Kurzwei-like and fully creative, little Puzzle game In "cool" comic noir look and with James Bond flair. The Difficulty of the Puzzles is pleasant and not too frustrating even for casual puzzlers, but boredom does not arise. The Game time strikes a bit short, but the Game is so special that it makes a Recommendation from me.