FreakOut: Extreme Freeride reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
This game When: In 2007 you bought a comp and you go to the store to buy at least some games on the comp, and seeing a pretty cool package and a reasonable price, take it to yourself. This game is when: you go into the game and hear a nice soundtrack and see a stylish menyuhu. This game is when: you run the map and collect all the fires, stones, trees and passing dogs. This game When: When you tear yourself f * pu and go through this or that place in the game and enough to disperse your pukan to the temperature of 3x suns you pass and realize that you got 25 bucks and ski goggles. This game is when: you do not remove the game, and it just does not become because you have reinstalled Shindov. This game is when: it seems to you that my phalanges of fingers are not naturally curved because you press too the keys. This game, When: You liked the soundtrack, and then you jump on the ass singing songs to yourself (when someone is at home) and just tear the throat, when no one is at home in a mix with the text of the swearing about E * The stones and no less E * the trees. This game When: You have to download the game from the Internet because you have given the disc to too many people with sandpaper place the skin, which is not enough mind to take the disc correctly and leave their fingerprints on the disc, which the drive works in the grinding Heavy metals to be installed and played. This game When: You download the game and pump the character in 2 hours and drunk pass the hardest places of the game and honor yourself Tsaryugoy! This game is when: you buy this game to write a review about it to fulfill the conditions of consideration of your nominations. This game is when: the music from the game forms your musical tastes for life and the main performers of the soundtrack (3 feet smaller) become your favorite group, when you find all the songs of a little popular band and write them to the disc to listen and continue Follows the group to this day. This game, when: I ´ m not scared/of what the future will bring I ´ m not scared/won ´ T miss out on anything I ´ m not scared/I ´ ve got to keep on moving I ´ m not scared/Not this time, not this time I'M so sorry for all the things I've done wrong I'M So sorry for all the things I've done wrong I'M so sorry I never told you what I feel for you i'M so sorry I never told how I miss you when you're gone Please stop to snore i cant sleep your sound is so shaddering sleep on the couch I can Please Be nice stop snoring Please sleep at your home tonight. Please sleep at your home tonight. Your not the one I prefer. Your f * Ckface makes me scared. I Don ´ t wanna hear you singing. All The songs we ´ ve heard I'll be alone broken till you're gone I'M not scared Of what the future will bring I'M not scared Won't miss out on anything I'M not scared I've got to keep on moving I'M not scared Not this time , not this time And of course-is it worth that, is that what I deserve Feeling lost and rejected Unnoticed and thrown back Unnoticed and thrown back I won't stand that, I will strike back in general this game-24724 e * of stones, broken bones, torn sip , downloaded megabytes of music and video of the group "3 feet Smaller", Murakami, and of course you're more than just adorable you're more than just adorable of 10.