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FreeCell Quest

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FreeCell Quest is an RPG FreeCell game. You’ve never played FreeCell like this before!

When an archmage takes control of the entire continent of Selvarin, the world’s most powerful wizards try and fail to defeat him in battle. You are a young wizard, a master of cards, and you may have what it takes to outwit him.

The better you play, the stronger you become. Get heroic loot and collect cards to unlock new free cells. Level up to become more powerful and gain amazing skills. Travel across a vast and mysterious land, playing game after game as you prepare for your final battle.Game Features
  • Play free cell battles with up to 104 cards on the board at once.
  • Gain rewards and experience from your victories.
  • Find and buy awesome loot to become more powerful.
  • Learn spells to help you with the difficult challenges.
  • Collect cards to unlock more free cells.
  • Dodge attacks coming from buried cards by uncovering them.
  • Enjoy exploring a huge world with 533 unique towns on your epic quest of card sorting!
Release date
Legend Studio
Legend Studio
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for Linux

  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+
  • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: XP+
  • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: 10.7+
  • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work.
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Master of Selvarin
Complete the entire continent of Selvarin!
Great Lands of Asteria
Complete Great Lands of Asteria
Principality of Niverlunn
Complete Principality of Niverlunn
Pirate Nation Archios
Complete Pirate Nation Archios
Republic of Serenil
Complete Republic of Serenil
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FreeCell Quest reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What is FreeCell Quest? A Mix of the Game Freecell (which can be found on any Windows PC under Games) and a small RPG. You travel to a Country where You have to enjoy different Places, this is done with the Help of a Freecell Game, you win the City is delighted and you have been allowed to travel to the next. You will Also receive Gold, Items (Armor, Spells and Rings) and Cards. If You get an entire Deck of cards together through the Cards you get, You'll get a new Slot in which You can get an Extra Card "between Bearings" in the Freecell, which makes the Game easier. The Difficulty is fine if You take too long for a Freecell Game You lose life points, You can use learned Spells while Playing (Cards Mixing, setting back card etc.) and the Difficulty starts with two different Card colors and Will be raised to 4 later. By and large, Freecell Quest Is a small RPG Card game for in between, which I would always Recommend due to its unique. Thumbs up.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
FreeCell Quest The classic Card Game found on any PC with Windows OS among the Games, with a small RPG touché. Legend Studio came up with an interesting Concept here. Gameplay In General, of course, we play FreeCell, which is likely to be familiar to most older players of old. We travel the Continent Of Selvarin, which is divided into different Kingdoms. In doing so, we play FreeCell for the liberation of The cities in the respective Kingdoms until we have virtually pacified the entire Kingdom. The further we get, the harder it gets, of course. Because the Number of Cards increases continuously and so does the Number of Rows. As if that's not enough, we're under permanent Time Pressure and we have to play certain Cards in the Stacks before they hurt us. So that the Whole thing is not too difficult, we also get Skills in the Process that we can activate, for Example, Pushing cards or Holding off Damage. This costs us Mana, which we can recharge in certain Cities after we have rested. There we can also purchase Equipment that increases Mana and Life or Potions that replenish the same. In Temples, we also have the Opportunity to learn certain Skills or buy Magic Cards that offer us similar Benefits to the Abilities. Graphics, Sound & Other Basically, the Graphics don't matter, because it's just a Map with places as possible Venues and the Game itself is built like the classic FreeCell. However, the Map is made quite pretty, the Pictures for the Equipment and Skills rather Standard. The Sound, on the other hand, is pleasant for such a Game and blends in well to the Game principle. You need a lot of Time for the achievements, because especially in The further Course of the Game a Game sometimes takes quite a long time and there are extremely many Places that are contested. You have to plan for 60-80 Hours here. So nothing that you do by the way, but the Game principle builds on playing a Game again and again, so that you gradually get closer to the 100%. Conclusion If you only want to play Cards, you can continue to do so with the free Version of Windows. But If you want something different, with changing Difficulty requirements and more Variability thanks to Skills and Equipment, this is the right place. You can also pay 9.99 euros or wait if you are unsure of a Sale with up to 75% Discount (23.06.2016). If you are interested in further Reviews of me or want to support my Work, then follow my Group
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