Full Contact Racing - WIP Demo

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Full Contact racing is a Demolition Derby type game.
It is not a simulation but it is a fun, casual and aggressive racing game with realistic physics.

The full game will feature closed circuit racing, 'bowl' type destruction events, Capture the flag and open street racing through traffic.

I've tried to place as much emphasis as possible on vehicle driving and crash physics.
It's not perfect but i'm working hard to make it perfect.

There are 3 game modes in this demo, Capture the flag, Demolition Derby and Race mode.

Race Mode

Race for 3 laps on a closed circuit track. Be the fastest or ram your opponents off the track.

Capture The Flag

Race to the flag and take it to the green drop zone in the middle of the level to score.
If someone crashes into you while you have the flag, they will gain one point and the flag will spawn again at one of the flag spawn points.
The arrow at the bottom of the screen points the way to the flag.

3 points for taking the flag to the drop zone,
1 point for crashing into an opponent who is carrying the flag.
1st to 15 points wins.

Destruction Derby

Try to damage your opponents cars while not damaging your own.
Last car standing wins.


Arrows - Steer, accel, brake.
Space - Hand brake
R - Reset game
Esc - Pause menu

W,A,S,D - Camera views. left right, back, etc.


You won't last long if you hit other cars head on.
Try to reverse into the front of their vehicles to destroy their engines or turn away so they hit you side on.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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