Funtoon's World reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Genre A very simple 2D Platformer Gameplay As common in Platformers, we hop on opponents and collect Coins. We need the Coins to unlock more Levels. There are a total of 5 Worlds with 5 Levels each. In the respective fifth Level there is a Boss who shoots at us permanently. We can only supply these with blue Energy Balls that we collect in the Level. We have 8 Characters at our disposal, but they all play the same way. Pro/Contra + Light Achievements + 8 different Characters playable + Child-friendly-with Controllers hard to play (shooting & jumping is on the same Button and you can't change this)-Sound & Music disturb and partially disappear-you have to level multiple times Playing to collect Coins (so you can unlock more Levels) Conclusion A simple and Child-friendly Platformer With slight achievements but with very many weakening
Translated by
Microsoft from French
It is an unknown game, which fortunately will remain so. Important note: I had it in reduction at-90%. We are facing a 2D plateformer, graphically some elements are rather pretty, however for the animation we will go back, usually it is animated on 1 or 2 frames. Question gameplay, it's ultra Basic. We shoot blue balls, which we recover throughout the levels, by pressing the key "space", a double jump, and then that's it! Good the game is obviously in QWERTY, no way to reconfigure the keys, no indication on which key to use, short classic. I did not test the joystick more than in the menu when it started to bugged in all directions. O. o ' Besides bugs there. By finishing the levels we can press "next" to play the next level, if at the base it is necessary to pay with coins (I come back!) for the last world just press next and PAF! We can play the whole world absolutely. I'm not going to yell, it suits me! Because the levels are expensive! This is the typical moment when, by testing, the developers said "Diantre! We didn't make a pretty long game! "and there you have a guy who probably said" no big deal! We're going to charge the levels with coins! ". In other words, how to add a lifetime to a product that does not. So we spend his time in the last world that obviously is the world of the fleet, because it is ultimately the most profitable for an absolutely obscure reason... We start the world by being broke, and we finish with 2000 coins in your pocket. Note that to unlock a whole world it is necessary to count 5600 pieces. So we hit globally three times the world of the fleet to finance another. The music is incredibly annoying... At the same time loops of 10-15 seconds, usually it taps fast on the system, and despite everything happens that the music is delayed, and leave in the effects of schnapps. The sound effects are, for the most part, bad voires. In short, finally except some graphic elements there is not much to save from the game. To do only to recover the successes if you really are motivated, because honestly you will be bored.