Games for Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance is Nintendo’s third major portable game console and a successor to the company’s famous Game Boy and Game Boy Color consoles. It has much more powerful hardware than its predecessors, different design and two more buttons on the side of the device. The GBA hardware is comparable to that of SNES and majority of the games on the system featured 2D sprite-based graphics reminiscent to that of 16-bit consoles. The console had two revisions: Game Boy Advance SP in 2003 and Game Boy Micro in 2005. SP is a more lightweight version of the system that had improved backlit display and clamshell design. The Game Boy micro is a much smaller version of GBA with the size comparable to that of the NES controller. All of the Game Boy Advance revision except for Game Boy Mini were backward compatible with most of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. The most successful games on the system were the titles in the Pokémon series. Some other well-known game series that had successful titles on the system include Metroid, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario, PAC-Man and Kirby among others.