Game Dev Studio reviews

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Read more on wisim-planet! :) [] Mad Games Tycoon, Game Dev Tycoon, GameCorpDX, Software Inc ... There are so many game device wisims that they could almost form a genre of Their own. But despite this Mass of similar Games, Game Dev Studio does many things differently. The Game relies significantly more on Realism than similar Titles. You Can see that immediately from the Game Creation ... Depending on the Platform, you will have to pay different Levels of royalties and pay different Amounts Of sales to the Manufacturer of this Console. It is based on realistic Values, for example it is more expensive to create a Game for a Nintendo platform – on PC, on the OTHER hand, it is cheaper. Depending on the Success of a Game on a particular Platform, however, the Manufacturer can come to you and offer you better Conditions. This can also make exclusive titles interesting. Due to the increased Workload, it is not recommended to develop for each Console at the same Time anyway. Later you can build Consoles yourself and other Developers can publish Games for them. In the Game, you have to think carefully about which Features belong in a Game. So an action shooter needs less Background Story than an Adventure, but better Gameplay Mechanics. If you add all the Features to a Game, you risk very high Development time – so also high Costs – and worse Ratings. As a result, you can't blindly click on everything and expect success. A great Element is Game Dev Studio are Fairs. Here you can introduce Games, promote them or just give up your own Reputation. The Effects are more or less noticeable depending on the size of the stand and the Trade Fair. Over Time, there are more And more marketing Options – Let's Player, Snacks, Hypes on the Internet, Captivate trailers or Testers. In addition, it is important to conduct Interviews with the 4 largest Video Game Magazines. But even when advertising You have to be careful – you overdo it with Marketing for a not so good Game, the Players will be disappointed and You lose Reputation – and customers. Overall, Game Dev Studio has really great Approaches. Graphically, it's kept in a retro look, you can like, but also goes more beautiful. The biggest Criticism is that the Game repeats itself too much after a few In-game years. This will make it boring at some point. On a Positive note, the Module support is a bit expensive, but the Game is a bit expensive at €9.99. A Price between €5-€7 would be more justified. For all reading dials: Pro & Contra + Refreshing Ideas + Realism + Many Marketing Opportunities-By Time Monotonous-Graphically Mediocre Rating Fun Game: 44/50 High Gameplay Through Different Options and the High Realism. Unfortunately with time monotonous Graphics & Design: 12/20 Unfortunately nothing special, but also not ugly Sound & Music: 7/10 All right, sufficient For such a Game Technique: 5/5 No Bugs, Performance good price/performance: 3/5 Something too much, €5-€7 would be adequate support : 5/5 Modsupport, Updates after Release game Entry: 5/5 Various Tutorials, the most self-explanatory 85,100