Game of Thrones: Conquest reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I State my considerations derive from a game experience lasting 1 year... I saw the complete evolution of this game from Day 0 in October 2017 to today... In addition to this I could "fully appreciate" all the potential of this game being one of the players with more power than my reign and Fortress 26 (out of a maximum of 30) from March 2018.. For those who are about to download the game know that there is a lot of money... But quite a few... This game is full of errors and bugs that do not allow the user not only to appreciate this game, but in the stramaggioranza even times to play... Continuous loss of power and therefore money due to game errors, game that closes unexpectedly just when it does not have to close... That's really... The only reason why you should download this game is the community that you create on chat of other applications (Discord) because the game is really embarrassing... Know that if you want to get to decent levels in order to play you have to spend about €10000... Indeed now that have added the long-awaited dragon doubles the figure... Under this figure you can not play decently
Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
When I first downloaded the game, I did it for the feeling of having my own keep within Westeros. It was a great feeling which filled me as I first let my troops onto the field of battle against some randomly generated creatures which needed to be put down for resources in return. I will say I had a great first week, leveling up my keep and chatting with my alliance members. The problem came when people started buying packs to upgrade faster and become stronger. I have never been one to spend much money on mobile games, but I did buy a few cheap packs to try and keep up. My first punch in the face came when I out of the blue got attacked and put to 0% wall health by a player with over 1.000.000 power where I only had 300.000 which I had spent weeks on acquiring. As you can probably guess, I didn’t stand a chance of defending myself or my resources. Dude must have spent hundreds of dollars on packs at that point. The game doesn’t have a system to prevent people with any kind of high level to attack those who has just started, and the only way to defend yourself with with shields which you sometimes get for leveling up, but otherwise have to buy for real world money. I have now spent around 4-5 months playing the game, and I have about had enough of this. I have gotten stuck at keep level 12 for months now, because high level players who has spent thousands of dollars on the game comes and takes all my resources when I have spent weeks collecting them. Again and again I have seen weeks of progress disappear in a matter of seconds, just because I haven’t been willing to spend my money on the game. All in all, this is not a bad game in itself. It works well, but it lacks some very much needed features like limiting the level of keep you can attack to a certain level under or over your own. At the moment it’s just ridiculous... - Jounzey (International YouTuber and Game Critic)