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Game Party Champions is the fifth and latest installment of the widely successful Game Party franchise and available exclusively for Wii U. The game’s fun, pick-up and play style will appeal to experienced and new gamers alike. Using the system’s innovative new GamePad, players tilt, turn and touch the controller to play arcade, sports and party games in entirely new ways.

  • Eight Classic Games: Players can enjoy arcade, sports and party games such as Ping Pong and Skill Ball, and modern favorites such as Table Hockey and Hoop Shoot.
  • Newest Technology: Using Wii U’s GamePad, players tilt, turn, and touch the innovative controller to add even more interactive fun to the dynamic game play.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Players utilize three different game play modes!

o Quick Play: Pick up any game and start playing with this instant action mode.

o Story Mode: Outplay AI opponents and advance through the game to reach the ultimate showdown in World Championship Stadium.

o Party Mode: Liven up the living room by taking turns with the GamePad, while others use Wii Remotes to wreak havoc on their game.

  • Rich HD Graphics: The game features eye-popping High Definition graphics, a first on a Nintendo platform.
Release date
Warner Bros. Interactive
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Not rated

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Last Modified: Sep 12, 2019

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