Games of Glory reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Foreword: this evaluation is made after thirty hours of play in multiplayer, soloqueue and with friends. Review updated on 09/05/2017. The download is 1.4 GB and the game takes 2.6 GB on disk. Quick description of the game: games of glory is a MOBA in view of the top that oppose four players against four by offering them several heroes named "Clones" with each their appearance, their orientation among five "classes" (Scout, tank, assassin, carry, support), their statistics and three skills (two basic skills with a short reload and an elite with a long reload). Each clone has a panel of weapons with different orientations similar to classes (for example, the precision rifle is considered a Scout weapon, while the shotgun is considered a tank weapon) and can carry two types: melee weapons and ranged weapons. This allows any clone of any orientation to play at the distance he wants, with the type of weapon he wants (a support-oriented weapon can be used on a carry-oriented character, etc.), offensive or defensive. Once at stake, there are no waves of minions to kill but areas to capture and hold in order to climb in levels, improve his skills, earn credits and buy weapons and equipment. Each controlled area weakens the shield of the opposing base, until it falls and leaves the players the opportunity to enter destroy the turrets and then the nexus, as in the more classic MOBA. My opinion: so here's my opinion for now, from what I've been able to play from games of glory. The good points of the game: + the grip is good, the mechanics prowled and the team play is paramount. + The characters are varied, with interesting designs and adapted skills. + The menu interface is clean, simple and convenient. + The stylized graphics and colors appeal to me enormously. + The ability to choose his weapon or weapons, as well as the improvements on it, offers an interesting depth. + Despite the few players on steam, it is possible to find matches thanks to the cross-platform. You can play with and against PS4 players. The game is also nice to the keyboard/mouse as to the gamepad, for that matter. Unfortunately, spent some hours, the game is simply empty and finding a match can put more than twenty minutes. + The entire contents of the game can be unlocked without any payment, except skins. + Developers are responsive through their discord and their feedback forum. The bad points of the game:-there is only one soundtrack on the menu and this one quickly becomes unbearable, but it can be deactivated. -There are serious NetCode issues that are becoming more and more apparent throughout the game. What I was taking for lags or occasional desynchronizations in the beginning become recurring problems where opponents even touch out of reach, or even turning your back. -The equipment purchase interface during the game is not particularly ergonomic and many new players do not even manage to improve their weapons so it is unclear. -There does not seem to be any punishment against players who are absent or leaving during the game. These are many, and finishing in 2v4 to each part quickly becomes frustrating. -There are only two cards at the moment, one of which is almost never played, and unfortunately quite few clones (Heroes). Among these heroes, there seem to be problems of balancing in the same roles. Some are simply better picks than others. -The balancing of certain weapons and techniques is completely at the pick up. Two people using a shotgun can immobilize an entire team to infinity, for example. Or cumulate the speed buffs of CaC weapons on a Molly already upgraded and carry an entire team alone... Fro. -Some characters are really super expensive, so before you can access them without spending money IRL, you will need some parts. (In 30h ~ of game, mostly team victories, I had enough to buy two characters from the first "tier" of prizes, but I would have taken another 8 times the sum to unlock only one of the last "tier". Do the math.) -There are almost only PS4 players, nobody plays on steam and find a game takes more than ten minutes off weekends. In short: for a free game available on PC and PS4, games of glory is more than correct. It still requires a lot of finishes and deserves thorough technical corrections to make the commitments more fluid and credible. In short, the concept is friendly but the realization leaves to be desired. I recommend to play there to test, but not to spend money in it as long as it is not more successful.