Garden Paws reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Love at first Sight!! I played the Game through the Alpha access a few Days before the Release on Steam, and can absolutely recommend it. It is by Far the cutest And most relaxed game I've ever played, and the Developers are super Nice and put an awful lot Of effort into the Wishes of the Community. There is a Discord server on which you can talk to You and hundreds of other Members, and you always get an Answer and Help to every Question, to every Problem. So To the Community, I can say that it's also the most harmonious I've experienced so far, and I'm always happy to be a Part of it. + Lovingly designed World + The Game Design is Colourful and Comic-like + Every Season has Special Features such as Plants that you can only collect + Around your own House (And all over the World) it is possible to build more Buildings from Platforms, Walls etc. + Upgrading your own Building and Buildings in the City, including new NPC's you get to it + Your Own house can also be set up with Furniture and expand with more Rooms + You have your own shop where you can sell everything you collect and make or make + Many different Player characters are available to Choose from + The Character can be readadjusted again and again + Customization – there are many Costumes, funny Hats and even Fur Colors that you can buy in the Game to make your Character even more individual + Lootchests Always found in different Places, and containing Plants or Cosmetics + The NPC's are all very individually designed and Everyone has their own Trademark + You can tame animals + Relaxing Music that doesn't annoy even after Hours + Quests you have no Stress, they are not limited In time and You can leave Yourself for a Long time + pleasant control as you know you, for example, from MMORPGs + multiplayer mode in which you can play with up to four Players, I find positive that you can have your offline world Character Just can take with you and can host his World instead Of just starting afresh Basically I can't say anything negative about the Game so far, because it is still in Early Access and I think it is so developed that other Games with the Designation is quiet twas could look off. In The same way, I find the Price more than justified and even find it a bit too cheap for all The work and Love that is in this Game. The only thing that's not perfect for me yet is the Performance. Here and there, the Game sometimes hacks while cutting down Resources or sorting the Inventory, but I'm sure that will be fixed soon. I'm looking forward to more Updates, and new Stuff to discover, and hope this Review helps you get a little Insight into the Game. Attention! But it could be that you get Diabetes at the Start of the Game, because it's just so cute and sugar-sweet that even my Body could hardly handle this!