Gardenscapes reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Very nice Game, the stars to change day decreased but with the lives in return are fine. With the wheel is more feasible! Nice Graphics. There is a bug at level 383 because the fires instead of hitting the butterflies or the squares to be erased go into unnecessary cells. The Liv 400 is equal to a previous one, and among other things one of those obnoxious, boring, absurd! A bug even at Liv 565 because the moles steal the lemonade and do not come down anymore, so it is impossible to win. It Would be nice to be able to review the evolution clips of areas from the rough state to when you finish. I tried the PC version and I saw that it does not synchronize the results and pops up the Christmas tree that is not there on the phone. I always arrive at the end of the levels and it is nice to put the chests but the levels are always the same and boring, you should change them... There is a bug at level 1047, when there are no combinations, the elements do not recombine and then you get stuck. Bug at level 1209, 40 acorns are required but there are 38! In addition there are again the same chests when you finish the levels, I finished the chests, have changed for a while and now I am the same again. In The rocket challenge there is something strange.. Abnormal certain results of the first.. In the present case, I have finished the levels and the chests and I have to wait 18 hours for the "new" ones that then repeat.. It would be better to create equal paths for everyone. Too bad for moles, they were an original element.