Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review After 5 Hours of play and some Rounds of Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online, I decided to write a small Review. First, to the Content or Core of the Game. First Assault is basically a classic, fast FPS shooter in The Style of a CoD. The Scope is still relatively small, but it is important to bear in mind that this is still an Early Access Game. -There are three Game modes, very classy: Team Deathmatch (self-explanatory), Conquest (conquer points) and Demolition (place bomb, or prevent). These are well done, but now nothing New. Especially since the Maps are still relatively small and offer little Variety. -You choose one of 7 currently available At the Beginning (but an 8th seems to be available soon). Each Agent has a unique Ability, so Motoko can make himself invisible or Saito use a Heat Sensor To uncover enemies behind Walls and on the Map. These Skills can be used after achieving a certain Score, divided into two Stages. At Level 1, the Skill seems relatively short and you only benefit from it yourself. At Level 2, however, Team Carades can activate the so-called link skill and also benefit from the Bonuses. Gradually you get more Agents to play, but the Skills are the unique Criterion in which they differ, hopefully That will change a bit (a graceful Motoko should be able to move a little more nimble than a cumbersome Batou). -To the Weapons: These are still quite manageable at the moment and also not very spectacular. There are some to buy directly on the Market or you unlock them with Lvl Up, which you have to buy first. The Same goes for Weapons Upgrades. First unlock, then buy. In General, you should think carefully about what you spend your Money on, because you don't get so much per Game, only with a Lvl Up there are 50,000 Credits. And a Weapon around the Spin amounts to 200,000 Credits, so much about that. At the Start, however, the Game gives you three different Weapons, an Assault rifle, an MP, a Sniper's Rouser and a Gun. You can configure three Loadouts yourself that you can switch during a Game after Passing away. -The Community and other Players: So far quite a pleasant Community, I personally have not had a negative Experience yet. However, I fear First Assault could get a Problem with Cheaters. Some Players are almost superhumanly good Shooters and don't fall over even after half a Magazine that you have pumped into them. It remains to be seen how First Assault continues to evolve in this Regard. Before my Conclusion, I would like to perform again the Pros and Cons: Pro:-Fast Shooter, Fast Rounds-Great Skill Spectrum-Game Principle One quickly internalized-The Optics and Atmosphere Of Ghost in the Shell well captured Con:-Little Spi elmodes and Maps momentarily-The Weapons blow one not from the Stool-Until the Skills all Agents equal-Evtl. Problems with Cheaters-Interface around main Menu at the Beginning arsely confusing My conclusion: First Assault Online is a very nice Shooter For In between. Two, three quick Rounds always go. However, It's not a Game for me that I could gamble for hours. Just because it demands a high Degree of Concentration. However, As it is still in Early Access, I hope the Developers will harness the Potential of the Game and respond to the suggestions and Suggestions of the Community. It will not revolutionize the shooter genre, but nevertheless a rock solid shooter with a high Fun Factor. For the Price at the moment, I can only make a clear Buy recommendation!