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Ghost Master

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Grim spectres, howling banshees, and sly gremlins are yours to command as you unleash ghastly spirits on the town of Gravenville and scare the wits out of its citizens. In the world of the Ghost Master, spooks do your bidding, as you solve puzzles and unlock mysteries in a challenge that combines the best of strategy, adventure, and resource management games.
  • Up to 15 unique, hair-raising adventures with multi-branching scenarios - all within a coherent plot and complete virtual world.
  • Spook's-eye view - an innovative 3-D camera lets you view the action from the perspective of humans or ghosts.
  • Revolutionary special effects, incredibly detailed characters, and macabre settings inspired by classic horror films.
  • Groundbreaking artificial intelligence-interact with up to 30 AI-driven characters at every level.
  • Eleven expansive and distinctive locations, including the town's lunatic asylum, military base, sorority and frat houses, and police station.
Ghost Master © 2003 Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. Developed by Sick Puppies, a studio of Empire Interactive. Europe Ltd. Ghost Master, Empire and "E" are trademarks or registered trademarks of Empire Interactive. Europe Ltd. in the UK, Europe and/or other countries. All rights reserved.
Release date
Sick Puppies
Strategy First
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for PC

Minimum: Pentium® III 450. Windows® 98,ME,XP,2000. NVIDIA® TNT2 3D card. 128MB of RAM. 750MB of free hard disc space. DirectX® 8.1. Mouse, keyboard.
Recommended: Pentium® IV 1.5GHz. ATI® Radeon™7500/NVIDIA®GeForce2 3D card. 256MB of RAM.
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Ghost Master reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Muhahahahaaaaa ... Ghostmaster! A game that has now reached its Old Age, but it has not lost a bit of its Charm. The Graphic is somewhat reminiscent of The Sims, but that passes quickly. The Levels are small Lovingly designed Anecdotes that are still Fun even for the third time. The Gameplay is great. It's not the Game of the Century, But definitely a Masterstroke full of Humour, Trickles and Dedication. Verdict: Must have been played, Over and over again.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Very strange Game-like I found the Controls difficult. The Characters and the Surroundings look cool. Don't Cope with that at all. Is too hard for me. Don't really Understand what the Point of the Game is supposed to be. Clearly you have to scare People. But what else is to come? Well, you have a Pair of Ghosts to train. Sun... Now have a lot of Fun for those who want to rip it (: In Principle it's a good Game only has a bit too hard. And I can't really get into understanding it. A pretty good Game idea is it definitely. ON, ON ghosts tranter;D It went well and barely had Bugs.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Who doesn't know? You look at a Horror Movie and think to yourself, "So first I would slip into the Bottle as a Genie, let the bottle smash, then torkes the Victim with the Shards in his Eye .. oh, I would then have to quickly get under carpet to pull him away and quite fix the Tub to push out of the Loo for the necessary Bone-break Combo Points. " I certainly don't. Ghost Masters is one of the few Games where you can slip into the Role of Villain and control Ghosts. With Air, Horror, water, Earth, electricity, Fire, Emotional and white of the Ghost You must scare people and chase them out of the house. Oh, and if you feel like It, you can free more Spirits to make them playable. Is actually quite funny to turn Harald Into a Living Torch during the Daytime show, while Hilde drips a Spider into the Teacup. I finds awesome. Unfortunately SinglePlayer only and with smaller Beetle-like Quirks.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Directly front Way, I recommend the Game, but not this Version of it. Unfortunately, there is a single black Screen during Video Sequences, the Game continues but you are Incapacitated and I have not found a Way to eliminate this Problem despite a long Search. It's quite playable, you just have to adjust to playing some cards 5-10 times because there is no Storage Option during a Mission, only completed counting. Vendors on another Platform have managed to do that, so don't buy from Steam. To the Game: With Ghost Master, you can create a fun Variation of a Puzzle Game. Ghosts become true Horrors in the right positions in Homes with the right Skills, driving the simple Mortals from their Homes. The Graphics are very reminiscent of Sims 2, which does not hurt the fun of the game. The different Spirits that can be unlocked in the course of the Game (due To sometimes quite simple, sometimes quite heavy puzzles) make for a chilling variety.
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