Goats On A Bridge reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Honestly, it hurts my heart, because for a first game, we have the right to the minimum Union here so that goats on A Bridge does not set foot in the "bouze zone" of steam-and believe me, because my toy library counts moult eons videogames. Indeed: possibility to play in native resolution, support of the controller, a tutorial, a cute full design. But here, if the principle of playing the two small goats could have worked fully, the game revolves only around this gimmick and runs out quickly. As a reminder, each stick directs a goat and the buttons of the slices allow to jump or roll under the obstacles. The left side of the control manages the left goat, and the same thing for the right you will have understood. Only, with these limited mechanics the levels end up being all alike, especially since we will only move one caprine at a time. Fortunately, the platforms eventually collapse quickly, forcing us to switch from ruminant constantly, but in the end the binary side of the thing does not bring much more than a traditional respondent platformer. Where the experience can be fun, is if you play with a friend: then you have to share the pad for the two compers, and it happens quickly to bicker since the death of an animal breeds the game over. Unfortunately, the gameplay is not at the rendezvous, especially at the level of the platforms that make up stairs, it happens frequently that the goat finds itself embarrassed by the upper block by jumping, which quickly makes the experience frustrating, all more than the game is unforgivable. The same thing for the peak blocks, where the gameplay proves to be quite pushing: it will be necessary to have taken the momentum to pass above, otherwise the beast will make a leap of asthmatic. But in the end the most disappointing is the lack of interest that the game carries. Unlike the recorded time, the parts distributed all along does not seem to have any influence on the score at the end of the level. Speaking of scoring, the game does not have leaderboards. The 20 collectables are easy to recover and completely anecdotal. And the worst of the worst: there are only 10 small levels with an average duration of 2-5 minutes each. The infinite mode will not add more to the life span: the randomly generated traineeships are bland and do not evolve in difficulty throughout the run, and only the distance travelled will be important: once again the parts have no use. Even if it is promoted, the game will end up well and badly at the bottom of your toy library after a good hour and leave this little taste of bitterness at the bottom of the mouth.