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Translated by
Microsoft from French
Gonner is nice to play for those who are not rebuted by the repetitiveness of this type of games. On the other hand it will be necessary to understand by oneself the advantages and disadvantages of the weapons/heads/bonuses or go for explanations on YouTube, for example at rogue justice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqAq5TDbgIc
Translated by
Microsoft from French
GoNNER is a platformer/action 2D game all that is more classic. It takes some of the Roguelike codes. The title enjoys a great replayability, its levels are generated procedurally, one dies often and the difficulty of the game is rather well-corsed. The rest of my criticism--> http://www.thejonhybleezexperience.com/lesnewsjeuxvideo/critique-gonner-plateformer-2d-bizarre-bonne-surprise
Translated by
Microsoft from French
-Hello my beautiful, that you are cute... But you steal!? Can a whale move in the air? The method is quite simple, you have to ask her name and hope for a response in return. And now Sally the brave will follow our hero and become his best companion of misfortune. Subtle and unspeakable Taming, you remember this tale of yesteryear that staged an animal and a man; create links and be for everyone unique in the world. Of course you will understand that Sally will do everything to direct you to the right place and show you the path of the divine Ocean she is looking for. IKK the brave will therefore venture into the gigantic flanks and intestines of Sally who will suffer for nothing in the world, if not to the sound of the vampiriic pustules exploding in his gut. This species of vampiric contamination needs a pure Messiah and IKK responds to the call. Here, but there are even beings who have elected home and who are active with these vampires, so not everyone is so hostile...-Hi my brave I'm looking for the exit you know where is it? -* Slurp *, are you looking for blood? -No No, I'm looking for the hole in the c.. saving, you know the white light, or the orifice of liberation...-* slurp *-good it does not matter, I buy you this squale fin and these cartridges for the ectoplasmic shotgun that I found on the road. I'll see you again anytime soon. -* Slurp *... Good trip. Colon after colon, appendages after appendages, these "vampirestestins" planed of any curse, what a relief to see the twinkle of redemption and Sally if... Free... A whale and a man, a sincere and unique friendship. IKK remembered a sentence:-you will be unique to me in the world, I shall be for you only in the world. Rogue-like one of a kind with a graphic paw and an OST of extreme quality.
I love what GoNNER does visually, and the game itself is a delightfully little challenge that you can tune in and out of whenever you so please. I don't know if it's a game I could really sit down and play for hours when I have other games at my disposal, but it's a quirky experience that is worth playing when you have a small break. 
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»