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Single planet demo of our exploration platform game for Game Boy Advance (and PC and Switch!) - please support the full game's development on Kickstarter:

Note: Changing language will reset the game. Web version doesn't run too well in Firefox. 

The controls of the web version are:

  • d-pad / arrows: walk/aim
  • LB / A key: look [gba l]
  • RB / S key: charge blast (when unlocked) [gba r]
  • B button / Z key: fire [gba a]
  • A button / X key: jump [gba b]
  • menu / enter: pause / friend cards (when collected) [gba start]

The demo is 'Chapter Zero', and not planned as part of the main game (so it won't spoil anything). It was difficult to strike a good balance with a demo, and some things will definitely change in the full game, but we really hope to give you a good idea of the quality. (Please help us improve the game with your feedback!)

For the most dedicated secret-hunting players, your mission is to find Azure, a secret crossover character from the upcoming and beautiful indie platformer Orange Island. If you manage to find her and collect her friendship card, please let us know!

For best results, download the ROM and play with a flashcart or your favourite emulator. (A pre-configured PC version using RetroArch + mGBA is also available in the downloads)

Web version is running in a modified version of by Simon Paris which is based on VBA-M by Forgotten and the VBA/VBA-M development teams.

For more information please see our Kickstarter campaign or our website.

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Last Modified: Sep 11, 2023

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