Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
One forerunge-round: I played Gothic 3: Götterdämmerung with the Patch 2.0. There were sometimes huge Graphics Errors, which apparently should not exist without a Patch. I do not Guarantee my Statements regarding the Graphic. Gothic 3: Götterdämmerung follows on from The End of Gothic 3, where we leave the old World with Xardas. In Myrtana, Peace is unstable. There is an Arms Race between Gorn and his Rebels and Thorus with his Orcs. We as The Nameless Hero don't want that, of course, and after an Argument with Xardas, we return. And no one trusts us and everyone has lost respect for us. But if that Were not enough, we have also become more of a Patriarch who sees nothing more than a Solution than the open Struggle. It is now up to us whether we stand up for Thorus or Gorn. But I should tell you something: No Matter how we decide, it comes out the same anyway, as it's hard to influence who we're fighting for right now. Gothic 3: Götterdämmerung does something better than the Main Game. The Combat System. In this Video Game, fighting was much more Fun for me than in the Main Game, as the Animations for Attacks got shorter. Also, an Animation is not canceled immediately when you get hit. So The Combat System seems a little more fluid than in its Predecessor. But Gothic 3: Götterdämmerung has a very different Problem for this. The Graphic. This is identical to that of Gothic 3. However, there is an enormous Flicker In Trees. This goes so far that some Trees disappear completely. In itself, that wouldn't be a Problem, at least I don't see a Problem in there, but it has a huge Impact on Performance. For this Reason, I even lost some fights, simply because the whole Game was buckling. Annoying: Since you are now only on Myrtana, which is big enough, you mainly only see trees. So This Flicker Accompanies you the whole Game long. The Soundtrack is identical to Gothic, as are the Voice actors. But the Dialogues are poorly written, because our Hero has been Brainwashed. This Insult, for example, Hurts people who are not prepared to forcibly stop a War. But for that, the Quests are better than in the Main Game. These do not only consist of going to A and killing B. For example, you have to defend a Group of Orcs of attacking Paladins or accompany a Woman to Shopping. It Is clear that whole things sometimes do not make Sense, but let us leave this Out time. What is also a Problem is the Lack of Teachers. It's almost as impossible as impossible to learn a certain Ability, simply because you only have one teacher for that very one. So to level these, you can first lush through the entire Game world. The Level system is identical to that Of Gothic 3 and its Predecessors. The Playing Time is acceptable in my Opinion and I had my Fun with the Expansion. Without graphics and Logic Errors, it would be an acceptable Extension. As the Extension is, however, it's only minimally more Fun than the Main Game, which it has to thank its creative Side Quests. Personally, I had my Fun with the Extension.