Gourmet Chef reviews

The soundtrack is exceptional, the art is pretty cool, the food and cooking process is mostly very tasty (and includes recipes), and - the story and character development are pretty amazing as well. When I think about a "cooking game", usually what comes to my head is far behind what this game is. Apart from the very final recipe we have to cook, which is so difficult I could never finish (my sibling did), but, I guess it's understandable because it's the "boss"... Well, everything else is feasible (not without challenge!), tasty, pretty, and pretty funny - lots of funny. 

On the universe of cooking games, don't miss it. And even other games with character development and a pretty cool story, or puzzle games, this could be classified as a really good game. It's beautiful, charming, funny, and with a very well developed and presented storyline.

I do recommend it.
«Blew my mind»