Grainwind Incident 77

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⚫Grainwind Incident 77 is a realistic urban exploration VHS  Found Footage horror title.

Story⚫A Urban explorer enters Grainwind's production factory, the premise has been long abandoned and shut down many years ago due to unknown circumstances.  A recovered tape named Incident 77 is found near the premise showing the events that took place and unfolded before, relive the explorers experience and choose your destiny. ( 3 possible endings )

⚫Part of my new "Incident" Tape series, this being the first installment.

Each tape features unique places and different "incidents". Each can be played individually and are not connected,  this tape is free, next ones will be 2€ each!

⚫This is a experimental horror title, featuring non-linear exploration with no hand-holding asking you to explore everywhere as the aim of the game was to produce a realistic urbex feeling. The game changes the longer you play & evolves accordinly, what ending you get is determined by your own actions later on.


  • Realistic urban exploration feeling
  • Realistic audio design
  • No hand holding, non-linear exploration
  • 3 Possible endings
  • Randomized audio design and events


  • Movement = WASD
  • RUN = Left shift
  • CROUCH = Left ctrl
  • CRAWL = C
  • ZOOM WITH CAMERA = Right mouse button
  • INTERACT =  Hold E to drag open doors
  • Best played in 1920x1080 resolution
  • You can adjust quality settings inside the game through ESC > Options
  • You can view / edit controls inside the game through ESC > Controls

The game is intended for Keyboard&Mouse but includes PS4 / XboxOne Controller Support - Connect before executing the game and it will auto detect input at launch. Due to auto detection you must disconnect controller before launching if you want Keyboard&Mouse.

A experimental game created in 7 days!

Thanks for your support and for playing!

Created by Aza Game Studio.

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Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Jun 6, 2022

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