Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition

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<strong>PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft no longer supports creating Games for Windows-LIVE accounts within Grand Theft Auto IV. You can create an account through and then log into your account in game. </strong><br/><br/>This standalone retail title spans three distinct stories, interwoven to create one of the most unique and engaging single-player experiences of this generation.<br/><br/> This definitive Grand Theft Auto bundle boasts hundreds of hours of single-player gameplay; a full suite of open-world multiplayer game types limited only by players’ creativity; dozens of eclectic radio stations with hours of music and original dialogue

Release date
Rockstar Toronto
Rockstar Games
Age rating
18+ Adults Only

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Last Modified: Jul 4, 2024

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Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition reviews and comments

«GTA IV» presents an impressive rendition of «Liberty City» – a metropolis inspired by «New York City». The city comes to life thanks to incredible detail and an authentic atmosphere. Every district, every alleyway, every building has its own unique shape and design, making the game world remarkably vibrant and diverse.

The game utilizes the then-new «RAGE» game engine, which provided stunning graphics, a physics engine, and incredible visual effects. This engine allows for realistic details of the surrounding world and a dynamic environment.

The physics and character behavior collision were handled by the procedural animation tool - «Euphoria». It brought an unparalleled level of realism to the game. Characters in the game react to the surrounding environment and situations in real-time, creating unpredictable moments in gameplay.

The game is steeped in a dark and moody tone that envelops the player from the first moments. The narrative demands it and meshes perfectly. Even with numerous humorous elements, the game consistently maintains a tense and intense mood.

«GTA IV» decided to move away from the arcade-like and comedic elements of the first three games. There's no abundant blood, severed body parts, miniguns, or tanks. Everything is maximally realistic. Even to the extent that when the protagonist runs out of ammo, he drops the weapon on the ground.

Freedom of Choice:
One of the key features of «GTA IV» is the ability to choose your path in the game. Players can decide the fate of characters in several missions. Kill or spare. Kill one character or another. This will inevitably impact the storyline.

The Protagonist Is the City:
The city becomes not just a backdrop for action but an active participant in the story. «Liberty City» lives its own life, influencing the protagonist and shaping his character and destiny.

15 game modes. «Races», «Turf War», «Cops 'n' Crooks», or just «Free Mode», where you and other players can do whatever you want. Later, this idea was maximized in «GTA Online». In 2010, my friend and I spent countless hours exploring multiplayer. It was an unforgettable experience.

«Grand Theft Auto IV» - is a game that impresses with its scale, realism, and depth. It offers an unparalleled mature experience and becomes a gold standard in the open-world genre.

You know, for me this game is beautiful like a prototype of «New York City »(Liberty City) and «New Jersey» (Alderney). I, like many who dream of going there, have done it virtually! Bravo, «Rockstar Games», the urbanists and game designers for this visualization! I could walk the streets for hours or drive slowly, exploring every alleyway. Walk into an open location and watching pedestrians. The game looks realistic even now.

Years later, it's not outdated, but infused like grandpa Giovanni's good wine, which he just pulled out of the cellar to treat his guests.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
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