Sep 17, 2013
Average Playtime: 70 hours
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Played this back in 2013. It was a good send-off for the past-gen consoles. For a little while, I felt rich playing it. The scope was overwhelming. But eventually, I worked my way through it, and by the end I felt kind of empty. The story was off-puttingly cynical and there's about 15 missions that, upon replaying it on my PS4, I realized were dogshit. I'll always admire the ambition, but I don't think it's the masterpiece others thought it was. 
Way more fun to play with friends. 
«Better With Friends»
I can see why people like this game. However, for me, the interesting things to do are too far and few between. A lot of effort was placed into detailing the game but the gameplay feels less polished. The online aspect is fun for a while, but even that sort of runs out of steam.  Just not for me. 
Pure shit. There are two good things in this game: Lamar and driving. Sadly, too much of the game is not that. Rockstar spends too much time trying to turn games into movies to realise that all the writing is shit. The reason I like Lamar isn't because I find him funny or cool, but because he doesn't feel like a fucking cartoon. Everyone else was completely flanderised before even being introduced to the player. The combat is boring, the jokes are kindergarten-esque, and Rockstar can't help but get the cum in your eyes.
I've spend life time wandering in GTA V.
«Liked before it became a hit»
Extraordinary game, remember those time when San Andreas was released... no match for this.
«Sit Back and Relax»
considering I know it on 3 systems, I'd say its a good buy!
«Better With Friends»
«Beaten more than once»
Good game for chill nights and just to have a good fun time with friends!
After hundreds of hours played and real money spent i got ramdomly banned and they reset my character, i loose everything. Support team doesnt give a fuck. Never buy a Rockstar game again. DONT BUY GTA 6 NEITHER!
«Disappointment of the year»