Gravel reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The first thing to say is GRAVEL IS ONE ARCADE RACER. I have not (yet) played GRAVEL in Multiplayer, I may follow suit at Times. I know all The dirt Parts (as well as Colin McRae Parts) from Codemasters. Therefore, I can say that the Fun of Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 is comparable. But If you still know RalliSports Challenge (I only Know Part 2) and Sega Rally (Revo) and are looking for something along these Lines, you can like to strike here. The Price of €49.99 is just borderline, but I can say here that it was worth it to me. The Sound comes across very well and makes something really, unfortunately it is a bit quiet in the Cockpit or seems very subdued, but it still comes up feeling. The Vehicles are nicely mixed, from the old Classics (including 1996 Toyota Celica GT-Four, 1995 Subaru Impreza 555, 1993 Ford Escort RS Cosworth) to the VW Touareg TDIs, Mini Rallycross, Hummer H2 and Buggies. PORSCHE is Also available to Choose from (in GRUNDSPIEL without DLC) There is something for everyone. ;) Cars and Paint Jobs are automatically unlocked over the Course of the Game's Progress. The Vehicles are very nicely displayed, but the Damage model could be a little better (or I just drive too carefully down to a few Chassis contacts). The Tracks are also beautifully designed and the Selection ranges from Rally Arena courses to staked Circuits and Sprint Tracks. The Controls are also very good (as with any arcade racer) to play with the Gamepad, but the VOLLE LENKRAD has me. The Force feedback comes over well for an Arcade game that at first Glance seems more optimized for Gamepads. The H-circuit with and without a Clutch is also supported, which is why I then opted for the H-circuit with Clutch and I have to admit that my Logitech G920 feels very good. Regarding Force Feedback, however, one must not fixate on tangible Grip (meaning automatic centering through the Wheel guidance as with Dirt And WRC). The Steering Wheel is relatively easy to direct (compared to the arcage-like Dirt 2 and 3), but the Strokes that the Surface Distributes according to the set Force feedback strength (this Does not make steering any harder) feel very good. The fact that the Steering Wheel is surprisingly easy to Rotate is not a Problem, which makes fast Counter-steering much easier and, as I said, does not cloud the Fun of Playing in my Eyes. Theme Bugs at Milestone Games: I am really surprised that such a good Arcade Racing Game from Milestone (so far without Bugs) has been released and captivates me so much. I have had so far Like many other PROBLEMS with past WRC Games (WRC is a Simulator, But it concerns the Topic of Bugs) which have never been fixed, Ride 1 + 2 but had not made any significant Problems. SCHLUSSWORT: I'm a Fan of the Dirt Series and since Dirt4 finally went full way towards the Simulator, a Counterpart had to come. Since I was already aware of GRAVEL (Announcement, Trailer) I had already been looking forward to it and have to admit that it has not (yet) disappointed me. Since I still love Rallisport Challenge 2 on my XBOX and on my Xbox 360 Sega Rally (also known as Revo), I am finally happy To welcome a Rally Arcade Racer like GRAVEL, which is no better than the ones mentioned, but comes very close.