Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
"Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front." Behind this idiosyncratic Name lies nothing less than the latest Installment In the gripping "Achtung Panzer" Franchise. About three Years Ago, the Series was renamed Graviteam Tactics. Whether this can be traced back to the Ego of the Ukrainian Developers Graviteam, or if necessary has copyright reasons, I cannot say exactly. But I think I have read that Paradox Interactive-one of the Last Publishers of the series-had anchored some Addition in the small print And now has the Rights to the old Serial Name ... I don't want to go into The details of the Game itself. Here I recommend my Test to the Predecessor: The Game principle has remained the Same. In fact, the control and interface have improved. I wouldn't go that far and claim it's now optimal and super Entry-level friendly, no. But I would say that we can cope with it relatively quickly. From the Campaigns themselves, I would have liked a little more. With it would have preferred they had fallen out longer than with "Operation Star." At Mius-Front there are two Germans and two Soviet Campaigns to Choose from. The shorter German Campaign is likely to have ended in around 10 Hours of play. The longer ones in maybe 25 Hours. On the historical Background, I simply quote the official Wikipedia Entry: "The Donez Mius offensive was a Soviet military Operation during the Second World War on the German-Soviet Front. Between July 17 and August 2, 1943, there were major Battles between the Red Army and the Wehrmacht on the Donez and Mius rivers. The Goal of the Soviet Southwest and Southern Front was to force the German Leadership to withdraw associations of the Citadel company Near Kursk and to reclaim the economically important Donetsk Basin. After small Initial successes, however, the German Army Group Süd succeeded in capturing the Soviet Offensive and restoring the old Front Line in places. " In addition to the improved Interface, the Game is particularly suitable for Newcomers to the Series because, as a German, you are mainly in Defence and can dig in relatively well on some slight Heights. So you can work your way into the Subtleties of the Game step by step and also enjoy the wonderful Slaughter Atmosphere, which is simply unparalleled. No other Strategy Game can reach the Water for the Series here. The Action on the Battlefield had even moved my Wife the other day to settle down next to my Monitor in amazement and watch the whole Thing, rather than weathering over the droning volume of the Battle Hustle And bustle. Light Track, Grenade impacts and Despair on a Front length of three Kilometers I just say ... As a New Entrant, working through the individual Tutorials, which can be found under "Quick Battles," is a Must. But you can do Without "Surprise me" and "Meeting Engagement." Plan two Hours for one here. Unfortunately, the Tutorials take getting used to. Sometimes I thought it didn't go on. Something just pulls up, so don't get nervous. If you Have these through, you should be Able to deploy at least your Troops sensibly in the Field. However, the Handling of the Troops on the Strategic Map as well as their Management (Reserve, Replacement, etc.) via the unit and Division lists are hardly made understandable. That comes with Time, though, don't Worry. Another small defensive Drop Is the lack Of a Multiplayer. The Series would almost offer itself for this. But what is not can still come. So. If you really fancy epic and gripping World War Battles, you should strike here. Miu's Front can still be purchased for €22.39 until July 4th. After that, the Title again costs £31.99. Either way, the Game is worth the Amount requested. The Previous Title "Operation Star" currently costs only around €4 in the Sale. But Beware! Due to the Interface, the initial Frustration Factor can be expected here. Preparing to go straight to the new Part. My complete Test is here: P.S. Am also on the road at Steam as a Curator and am happy about every Follower: