Gravity Simulator

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Gravity Simulator lets you control one of the most basic forces in the universe. Launch stars and planets, and watch as gravitational patterns unfold. Peaceful conic sections, dancing spirals, wonderful spirographs, and plenty of utter chaos will appear before your eyes.

But your powers don't stop there - you can also change the underlying physics of the simulation. Maybe, instead of a 1/r^2 force law for gravity, you'd like to see what happens if there were a 1/r^2.1 force law. Or a tan(r) force law. Or any strange force law you can come up with. You can even turn on General Relativity, and see what happens in a world where a massive object warps space. What weird and fascinating universes can you create by playing with the laws of physics?


  • Add bunches of stars, planets, and asteroids
  • Share your creations with a simple code (or use the code to build something precise)
  • Test out arbitrary force laws
  • General Relativity (black holes, two-body orbits, etc)
  • Customizable colors and lines
  • Mod support for adding your own planet images
  • And more. Oh, is there more.

Made by:

TestTubeGames, or more specifically me, Andy Hall. I run an indie game studio that's devoted to making fun, interactive science experiences. Special Relativity, Particle Physics, Electricity, you name it, I'm interested!

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Last Modified: Jun 24, 2019

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