Greed Corp reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
From Environmental protection and Overexploitation As If Environmental Degradation were not bad enough, now war is added! Gameplay "Greed Corp" is a Strategy game that doesn't exactly focus on Diversity. There are Foot Soldiers, with enough Gold Cannons and then you can still buy transport Planes. And uh, it was already? No, of course not! As we battle for Supremacy in the Hexagonal Fields, we work with various Tricks. Each Field consists of several Layers that can be removed via "Buddler" or Mines and Cannons. Once all Layers are removed, the Field is destroyed and the Game world becomes a little smaller and more complicated again. Hard-damaged Layers can be destroyed with Chain Reactions and you still need Gold for your Units and Items. The more Overexploitation you do in turn to Get gold, the more you saddle off the Branch on which you sit. Thus, a Playing Card with 70 Fields becomes a limited Wedge in 5 Fields after a few Rounds of play. So that you don't just rely on Cannons, you can buy transport Flights so that you can also reach unconnected Areas. Either you then want to earn Gold by Budding or you just put a Mine under your Opponent's Nose, which he can't tear off. Then just sit back and watch as the Enemy loses more and more of its already small Area. The Playing Time is fine: For the Story you need 8 Hours of play. Unfortunately, the Multiplayer is quite dead, which I find a great pity with such a clever and good Indian Title. Because "Greed Corp" Doesn't get really interesting until against other Players. However, The Game not only has a good System for player Search, where you can still play during this time, but also a local Multiplayer, because you can also take it with you to the Internet. Story The World suffers from a strong ecological Crisis caused by excessive overexploitation. Now four Factions have formed, each of which can be played in History. The Lawless want to coexist freely and with Nature. Then there are the Pirates who are ... Once Pirates who steal, occupy Foreign land and somehow come through Life. The Cartel is a Network of many Companies that continue to push the Overexploitation in Search of Resources, and then there is the military Empire, which somehow tries to maintain order and prevail. The Story of the Game is told exclusively through Infoboxes, but is still an interesting Idea. Ironically, many Factions are simply trying to survive or do something better without noticing that they are just causing more Damage to the World and other Factions. Graphic/Sound Many Details do not exist. But there is also little to see in the Game. Each Faction has a different Look for its Units, Buildings and Fields. The Animations are simple but sufficient and the View is probably also sparse in order to keep a good Overview. Musically, the Game absolutely hits my Taste. There are few Noises, but jazz Music. Yes, it just tears it at me and fits the Game very well. The Breaks from the Music, however, are sometimes too long for my Taste. Verdict "Greed Corp" is a very nice Strategy game that falls wonderfully out of line. We must not only destroy the Enemy, but also find the right Mix between Destruction and Conservation, because the Environment can quickly become more dangerous than the Enemy. The Only Pity is that the Multiplayer is so empty. The Campaign is quite nice, but you have to play it with Friends. Either over the Internet or on the Couch, then "Greed Corp" will be really Fun! Did the Review help you? Then follow me in my Steam Group, where I write my Reviews as a Curator.