Gun Gun Pixies achievements

C is a Threat to all Maidens
Finish Chapter 2. Where does all the food that Miss Kira eats go...?
Target Silenced!
Calm a dorm student down. We succeded in calming Miss Amayo down. Now let's see what happens.
One Small Step For Pixie Kind
Successfully infiltrate the bathroom. All of this... is for the sake of our mission.
Pixie Fashion
Change a player character's clothing. Of course I look good in this... Probably.
First Mission Clear!
Finish Chapter 1. The fate of our home planet depends on our mission. We've only just gotten started.
Dancing Pixie
Sway to the rhythm. Well I sure did shake there. Hop hop hop!
Emergency in the Clothing Department
Have your clothing broken. Gwaaah!My life support system! Wait, that's not what this is? You mean it's just embarrassing?! Sheesh...
I Like You Too
Perform all Pixie Poses. Hehe, these are the results of studying Earthling culture! Even Kame-pon seems to be enjoying it.
Leave it to Bee-tan!
Complete 10 different ORDERs with Bee-tan. I believe Earthlings call this 'a piece of cake'.
God Hand
Wash a dorm student in the bathroom. I-I can still feel it on my hands! I must savor every moment!
Orders and Choices
Finish Chapter 7. The path I should take is...!
Streching Out
Acquire the Hookshot. Hmm. With this we can reach places previously unattainable. Pandemo science truly is incredible. How exactly Happy Bullets work is a total mystery, for starters.