Gunman Clive 2 reviews

«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»
Fun and Good
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Microsoft from Deutsch
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Game: A MegaMan And Co. Sides-scroller Western Action Game------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------Single Player: You play either a Cowboy Clive, a lady, a Duck or an Indian again. The Cowboy Clive has a Standard Control, the Lady can do anything Clive can but after a Jump still has some floating and the Duck has no Weapons and can fly or flutter what the Indian I can not know .. You run from left to right and shoot the Enemies but show up, and occasionally let the Enemies drop new Weapons and Energy to improve. After a certain number of Levels, a Boss expects to unlock the next Levels. There are new Level Special Worlds where you can Ride, fly and much more. Unfortunately, taxes that are worst. Some new Elements were introduced in the second Part, such as being sucked to certain Surfaces and you can walk 360 ° around. Unfortunately, this is so much from bad to Tax that really annoys it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Graphics: The Graphics and design is really very suitable for the Western Game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Music: The Music is quite OK, to fit the beginning very much but sometimes it seems very inappropriate. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Control: The Control Ok, the Character controls itself very spongy, which doesn't make it any easier. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pro/Contra: + Beautiful idea + Partly very good Music + different levels of Difficulty-spongy control-little action-little Renewals to Predecessor----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conclusion: I wasn't that enthusiastic about the first Part, but for Fans I think it's worth a Look. The Level of difficulty is quite well chosen, but on Normal I got through well. It already has very varied Levels but in the End it gets really annoying and in some cases it just doesn't fit in (like running on Walls and Ceilings). It is already a good Sequel which could have been better, unfortunately it is again like In Part 1 also that here must always be luck in the game in order to get through well, which the Opponents Drops Rarely weapons It is certainly for MegaMan Fans rather what than as for me the MegaMan Never played great. With Clive it takes about 1 Hour with all the Characters, which is quite OK. So Whoever stands on something like this will certainly have fun here, but for me it was nothing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Summarized: Single Players: 4/10 Graphic: 9/10 Music: 6/10 Control: 4/10----------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------Game: 6/10